12 Pregnant And Have No1 Asap

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candice - February 1

hia im candice well all my mates dared me to have s_x with one of our mates and i did with out protection it was good and i was shockd it didnt hurt now he is my b/f and we do it alot but he dosent like using comdoms and i found out i am pregnant my mum and dad called me a hoe and kiked me out and my b/f wants me to get rid of it what should i do?? also im not sure if the baby is my b/f??


... - February 1

why are you having s_x at 12 anyways? Shouldn't you be in school? I a surprised you say it was "good"-usually the first 0-5 a women has s_x for the first time they tear on the inside "popping the cherry"- ever heard of that expression? Go see a doctor or a health clinic and get on some prenatal vitamins before any one else freaks out and you endanger the life of the innocent child inside of you.


katie - February 1

ok...well if he didnt want a baby he sud hav used protection but anyways thts not the point.the point is ur pregnant.and ur nota hoe.i promised u tht but u really sudnt b havin s_x so young but i cnt say anything casue im only 14 but plz plz dnt kill ur baby.as i said im only 14 and im 5 and a half months pregnant.also is ur bf still with u???


candice - February 1

no my b/f dumped me


tay - February 1

omg honey! ur parents kicked you out!! how rude..no offense, but were are you living? and how are you going to pay for EVERYTHING!!! can you give it up for adoption? or can a family member help you !! thats so sad....just dont do it again...its lots of resposibility... much love and support ****TAY**** by the way congradulations


sasha - February 2

heyee tha same thing happend 2 meh but in time ur parents will have a change of heart, and ur b/f u should dump his a__s ! depend on a good friend to help you out it'll be iight (when u have s_x you have to be ready for everything that might happend) if u ain't ready for s_x u shouldnt have had s_x i wish i told myself that too i'm 17 going on 18 this march i'm 6 months pregnant and i dumped my b'f cuz like u i got kicked out of my rents house so i went to my b/f and lived with him and his family for a while my mom and dad later found out and told me to come home( but i had 2 give up my b/f ) my b/f wanted this child


Hilary - February 3

This is a lie, your father can NOT legally kick you out. And if he did, where are you writing this from?


candice - February 3

i no he cnt legally but he did im stayin at my mates house


Hilary - February 3

Well, then why did you leave?


candice - February 3

u dnt no my dad


Paige - February 8

First, if your b/f wants u to get rid of it who gives a d__n. Your the one who should make the desicion. Second, if u r not sure who the father is i really dont know what to say. Third, if u want someone to talk to then u can e-mail me at [email protected] You and me can talk if you want to. but u don't have to if u dont want to. any way u can e-mail me if u want to.


Krystal - February 8

1st of all your b/f cant make you do something that you dont want to do.your the one who is carrying this baby so its ur decision...and why da hell your parents call u hoe...they just dealing with this decsion in a immuature way..i'm 15 & pregnant my parents want me to get abortion but HELL NO i'm not cuz thiz iz meh baby...i have a post it says...young,pregnant,both parents making me have an abortion


Mya - February 8

Ummmmmmm...your 12....I don't understand why a 12 is even concerned about s_x in the first place. Do you come from a nice family? When I was 12 I was too busy getting up the courage to talk to the boy I liked. I'm 17 and i've still got one or two friends that haven't had s_x yet. The rest of us were around about 15 or 16. maybe it's just because we all came from high cla__s families and were brought up differently.


cheryl - February 9

I am here if you want to talk. I am a mother of a 4 year old. [email protected]


5 - February 9

candice, i know you don't want to hear this...but what were you thinking. you are 12. And emotionally to young let alone physically to young. Your parent should be ashamed of themselves for tossing you out of the house you need to be supported and take this little b/f to court now (or who ever you think is the father) get help find out who it is and maybe just maybe if it isn't the b/f they will help you. But listen to me when I tell you that at 12 I think I was planning sleepovers at my friends and playing with toys and thinking boys were cute. And get yourself some new friends, why you did what they said is beyond me. I am floored you need to be a strong and independent person and when someone tells you to do that tell them were to go..... I hope your friends had a good laugh. I know you will say things are different but I would like you to find someone of adult range that will tell you it is ok for a child of 12 to have s_x. I feel for you and hope everything works out, is there somewhere you can go to get some kind of help and explore all your options and let no one else push you around. Please stay in school and stop having s_x. I usually would not say that to someone but you are a child wether you want to hear it or not. I have a 15 year old son and a 6 year old son and a 4year old son. and i was 20 when i had my first and it was hard then. I could never imagine him coming to me to tell me that he got some girl preg. and the fact that you are only 6 years older than my 6 year old breaks my heart. Your parent should be very ashamed of themselves and if they were watching you in the first place and made you understand that you are a valuable person for you and not for your body, and asked you what your goals and aspirations were in life and that having a child at 12 probably wouldn't fit into your life plan you might not be in this situation. Get help from family member maybe or a reliable adult like a support group or something. you take care and think for your self. Be strong.


candice - February 20

erm i would like some help please!!!!!!


maya - February 20

candice i'm not judgemental so if need advice or want to talk just email me [email protected]



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