12 Weeks Pregnant On Friday Loss Of Symptoms

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sarahnoelle6824 - November 28

I have lost a lot of symptoms, i think my appet_te has gone away because i had a really bad cold, do you think thats why?? My br___ts are not that sore anymore, i still get ligaments cramp like they are stretching..But i don't have to use the rest room as much. I have already heard the heart beat at 170, and seen my baby move at 10 weeks is everything okay?? I'm really worried!!


hope-31 - November 28

i dont know from experience but i have heard that it can be normal for symptoms to come and go .gl


ChattyKathy - November 28

At around 10 weeks the placenta starts to regulate hormone production. That means your body gets to take a break! Many women start to notice their symptoms disappearing as they enter the 2nd trimester. The next three months of your pregnancy will have you feeling your best, so don't be afraid. Enjoy it!


tish212 - November 29

relax sweetie...a lot of woman lose their symptoms around this time..entering the 2nd tri a lot of the symptoms go away... I didn't pee as much in the 2nd as I did in the 1st and now the 3rd...and thankfully the sickness stopped.... my appet_te didn't increase until halfway through the 2nd tri... u are coming to the point where the chance of problems drops drastically...u won't stop worrying lol I don't think we ever do...but the risks of m/c drastically drop at 12 weeks... now u just have to focus on enjoying ur pregnancy...eating right and loving that little miracle u have. and just so u know I have faith that u can do this... and anyone who says u can't doesn't deserve ur attention... relax and enjoy this time.... for when u hit the third tri..and ur hauling around a huge belly...u won't be so eager to enjoy lol... but the belly is beautiful since its ur los comfy home :) if u ever need to talk or have a question u can email me at tanhubbard at msn dot com and tannhubbard is my msn screen name as well....take care sweetheart...u and ur lo :)


Nervousmommy2b - November 30

You should be fine. My symtoms went away at around 10 weeks but then they came back full force at 15 weeks. Sometimes they just come and go. Good luck!


Saturn - November 30

It's fine, you do get a break where you start to feel normal, not just "feeling pregnant" all the time. Make the most of it!! x



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