12 Years Need Advice

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Holly-Jo - March 13

Hello,I really need advice,I had a fling with a boy I used to go out with because he was moving to Africa he has moved now and I think Im pregnant I have not had my period for two months I am very scared as my family will be ashamed of me what are my options I would really like to keep the baby as I dont think its right to kill it or to give it away please help me I need to depend on someone through this whats going to happen to my body??? Thank-you


amy - March 13

hey holly-jo Keep it and love it you can make it on your own.it is your choice if you want to keep it or not.it sounds like you would be a good mom.


no - March 13

shut up lola


katie - March 13

its not her fault and a baby is not trash.


Lola - March 13

OK so wot do u all think of her situation then? exactly her life is now gone consumed by this thing inside of her destined for a rubish life


Audrey - March 13

Holly-Jo- First of all you should take a home pregnancy test to see if you are in fact pregnant. If you are, start taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid, and you'll have to watch your diet because eating certain foods is harmful for the baby. A good book for you to look at is "What to Expect when You're Expecting" that you should be able to find in any bookstore. Best of luck!


Julee - March 13

hey, you need to take a hpt right away!!!! Or you could take a blood test. Do you have a planned parent hood clinic anywhere close top where you live? I understand what your going though, if you need to talk just im me at Julee Strange. Thats my aim screen name if you have yahoo just tell me and il give you my yahoo name.


katie - March 14

to Lola:i admit its not the most ideal situation but it does not mean holly-jo and her baby r doomed.im 14 and im 27 wks pregnant does tht mean im doomed??? well let me tell u something im not casue i hav gr8 support from family and friends and they will help.jst as holly-jo will b helped and she is not a s___t


Lola - March 14

Then I feel very sorry for you! But I cant imagine the shame that Holly-Jo's family id goin to feel! havin this lil thin bein carried around and well holl-jo still probably hasnt got all her real teeth!!! Of cors she is destined for a bad life to be brok nd not be able to support that kid


katie - March 14

well its better keepin and luvin it than havin an abortion.and she will find some way to support the baby jst like i will.ok i admit the baby is not goin hav the best life but its not goin hav the worst either.jst think there r children in the world starvin.atleast her child and mi child will not starve and b stuck up snobs


Lola - March 14

Yes that is true but how will they feel when they go to school and have to write about their mums? how do u think they will fell then eh? Not very good i can bet!!!!! They will feel different havin a mum who at that age should be their big sister!!!


katie - March 14

and wats wrong wit havin a young mom??? and its better in the long run casue it means we will b around longer to help them and along as u luv the child the they will b ok thts all tht matters.it wud b different if the child had a horrible teenage mom hu didnt care


Aly - March 14

Hey- it's ok we all make mistakes this is a big one....you may be pregnant and it sounds like you are....i'm 17 and i'm 17 weeks pregnant....go to the health clinic or go get a test is the best thing to do because until you know you'll be more scared than you ever would be if you knew...Aly


Lola - March 14

Stop gvin her advice its her problem leave her deal with it and ur rite this kid is a mistake one that she cant take bak so leave her screw her opwn life up


Julee - March 14

hey lola, holly-jo came here to get ADVICE, not to be told she is a mistake! people make mistakes, everyone does.


Sarah - March 14

Holly, you are best to let someone know of your situation, even if its your best friend, then you need to see about getting pre natal care and making sure you and the baby are healthy, then you will eventually need to tell your folks as you will need their support through this. But first you need to confirm that you are pregnant, go the to doctors ASAP as they can arrange a GP that you can go to that specialised in pre natal care. Just hang in there, what seems scary at first, is worth it all in the end.


jeff - March 17

to katie: u think its better to have a child growing up in a broken home, having no future, than to kill a dity bunch of cells?! wow, u must be retarded



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