13 Amp Pregnant 21 2 3months

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Whitney - February 26

I am 13 and pregnant with my first baby. I am scared and am begining to show because before my pregnancy i was really skinny. I don't know how to tell my parents. I am afraid they will kick me out if they find out. I'm not exactly sure who the father is either. I don't know if I should go on with the pregnancy or not? I'm not even sure if I should stay in school? I am supposed to be the good girl and here I am pregnant. I am really not sure what to do. Help!!! I am just really confused and don't know what to do. I just need help.


Re to Whitney - February 26

You need to tell your parents and I know it will be scary and in your heart do you really believe they will kick you out? They will probably be mad, afterall you have changed everyone's life now not just yours. Why don't you know who the father is , why would you put yourself at such a risk, you are doing grown up stuff and still acting like a child. Don't get offended I mean it in a non-critisizing way I think you need to act responsible and protect yourself from more than just pregnancies. You will need your parents or another adult you can trust to help you, and for not going on with the pregnancy you will need to decide on your own ( or with your parents) it is a decision you will have to be able to live with and decide without someone telling you if it is a good decision or not. You need to stay in school , if you choose to keep your baby you will need your education most of all, it will give you a better life later. You still are a good girl you just made a bad choice and that is part of life , you will learn from this and move on and become wiser. Is there anyway to pinpoint who the father is? You will need to do this it is important, you need to go to a doctor , and start taking prenatal vitamins, these are very important. You have alot of decisions to make and approach your parents with the truth and respect that you will want them to give to you know. Is there a place where you can go to school and be preg and learn things about having a baby. You also need to look into yourself and it might sound corny but you need to decide why you would have s_x this young. Respect yourself enough to say no to boys and you will be surprised that they to will learn to respect you. Take care and the best of luck to you


becca - February 27

whoops! well hey you need to tell your parents and talk it over with some one your obviously going to be confused but you need to think you have 3 options go on with the pregnancy and then get the baby odopted have an abortion keep the baby bring it up but you need to thik very carefully on each option which ever one you take your life will never be the same you need to think about this seriously


maya - February 27

u should keep the baby, stay in school. and tell ur parents


katie - February 27

maya she doesnt hav to do anything she sud jst do wats rite 4 herself


becca - February 27

i agree


katie - February 27

thanks,its not ur baby to decide wat to do wit it anyways maya it whitneys option bout wat she wat to do after all it her life


maggie - March 1

im am 12 and i have 3 little girls named ellie jackie leah its hard raising them but u should not get an abortion and stay in school so then when u get older u can get a good job just tell your parents that your preg. it might work it didnt work for me though i now live with my boyfriend and his mom and dad they had him when they were 15 so ther understand what were going though babys can be hard but youll love them keep them


annoyed - March 1

i hate posts like maggie, they are soo annoying, u say now that u have 3 little girls, when in anothe post u said 2. GET A LIFE!


? - March 1

Tell ur parents. Good luck 2 u!


**** - March 1



Abby - March 6

i'm am 13 and pregnant with twins!I'm really scared!!I have told my parents but they are not much help to me.There r really mad at me and theywon't talk to me much.I don't have anyone to turn too.Except for the farther of my twins.He said i could stay with him and his family but i don't know if i want to do that or not.I don't know if i can but i really want to keep the babys.I'm SO confussed!!!!!!Someone help!!!!!!!


Mommy2Kylie - March 6

Well you definitley need to tell your parents, and get to the doctor so you and your baby are healthy. I know its scary, I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and I was scared to tell my Mom too, but eventually it will all come together, and things will be okay. But you need to tell her, soon!


Brat - March 6

One thing I think that you s are forgetting is this. You need medical care while you are pregnant. Even if it is just for the pre-natals with their folic acid, to prevent spina bifida. It is a pill a day to stop a horrible thing from happening to your baby. To whitney, you say you are 13 and preggo. Dont know who the daddy is? Well you are getting up there being 3 months preggo and soon you will not have a choice about weigther to keep or not, you would have to. I dont understand why you dont know who the father is, I mean you are supposed to be 'the good ' how many people are you sleeping with. I suggest you go to the dr.'s get yourself a preggo and std test, and get the tests that you should have gotten by now. Also at 13 you cant' drop out of school on your own. You need your rent's approval. They cant kick you out, not reallly, and if they do you go to the cops, tell them that you are a minor and have been kicked out and they will take you some place to get help. If you are mature enough to have then you are mature anough to take care of any messes it may cause.


maya - March 6

katie and becca she should think about the baby's future. i don't think its wise to quit school. an abortion can mess with ur body. adoption wouldn't probably be good either cause she probably would regret it and get depressed. so don't tell me what to write or think


becca - March 7

to maya erm we wasnt but your veiw is fair enough but its her choice isnt it keeping the baby might not be the right thing for her dont start getting b___hy again maya because your just look silly!


Alyssa - March 8

How do you not know who the father is at 13?? How many people do you sleep with when your 13? You shoul go on with the pregnancy because God make everyone for a reason. Stay in school and find a job. Take responsibilty in what you have done. Have maturnity tests done on all the possible boys that could be the father. And maybe you should get an STD test done to if you don't know who the father is at 13...



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