13 And Pregnant

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lost-and-confused - July 24

im 13 and i had s_x, the condom broke and i dont know what to do. i might be pregnant...i think ive missed my period. im taking a pregnancy test this weekend, im so scared.


julieB - July 25

lost and confused, dont listen to these losers.. they are not loved by their mothers and thats why they are on here like a couple of gay b___tholes.. wait a couple of weeks and take the test.. It is not the end of the world.. My sis got preggo pretty young and was depressed.. She was forced to do something with her life.. go to school. ect... Now she is very very successful.. You can do the same thing.. It will be ok...


midnight_drift - July 25

Hun, I wont bash you, but you should be really careful. 13 is such a young age to be a mother, and a very young age to be s_xually active. I hope you consider abstinence until you're at least 15.(I say that age because that is when I lost my virginity.) But hopefully you aren't a mommy so young, good luck sweetie.


PrettyShadows - July 25

I lost my virginity when i was almost 16. 13 is a very young age for the complications of s_x hun. Which isn't just pregnancy but aslo diseases... Do you mind if i ask you how long you've been with your boyfriend and if you think he'd stay with you if you are infact pregnant? It's a dangerous game to be playing hun!! Good luck!!!!


lost-and-confused - July 25

ive been with my boyfriend for a year in september and i know he will stay with me, we have talked about it.


Tammy276 - July 25

Just make sure you take a test and take care of yourself if you are pregnant. 13 is a very young age, and if you aren't pregnant, I would consider b/c or better yet, not having s_x again for a few years! You are a child yet, enjoy being a teenager!! And at 13, there is no guarentee that your man will stay w/ you, he is just a child himself and doesn't know what he wants yet. Prepare yourself for the worst! Good luck and I hope for you sake, you are not preggers.


Grandpa Viv - July 25

I hope this turns out to be a good lesson for you, and nothing more. While 13 year olds do get pregnant, the number each year is small, and I think that may have something to do with the fact that their reproductive system is not yet 100% capable. You are not talking any early signs. Could easily be that the shock of first s_x has delayed your period or caused it to skip. Take your test, first morning pee. You would be well advised to find your secondary virginity for a few years, but if it is totally lost then use v____al foam along with the condoms, and stay away from your fertile window days 8-16 of 28. Good luck!



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