13 And Pregnet

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lilly aka lil - June 26

hi my name is lily iam 13 and pregnet.i am so scared.my mom and the babys father know.i am relly scared h__lppp.


Robyn - June 26

Hiya Lilly or Lil. There's nothing to worry about. Atleast you've told your mum and the baby's father that's a big step! How far along are you? If you have msn you can add me [email protected] or you can just email me if you haven't and we can talk. Or if not just post on here. I've had a baby and just lost my second child and I'm 15. Best of Luck luv Robyn x X x


asdf - June 26

You can email me if you'd like someone to talk to, maybe there's some way I can help you out, even if it is just talking to you: [email protected]


got one - June 27

keep your legs closed!!!!! thats an answer for you


Em - June 27

Hello Lilly. I was pregnant at 14 and I told my Mum and the babys Father. If they are both there for support then you have it better then most. I completely understand what youre going through, feel free to email [email protected] - i also have MSN


Jenny - July 1

Lilly,I'm glad you have your Mom and the baby's father for support. If you decide you cannot raise a child at this point in your life please consider adoption. I am a 28 year old Mom with 3 kids that I love with all of my heart. I know there are tons of families in this country willing to care for a child if the birthparents aren't able to. E-mail me if you want to talk, I'm not too old to remember what it's like to be a teenager! [email protected]


Meagan - July 2

hi im meagan i just turned 14 and im 5 months pregnant consider urself lucky my dear because most of my family won't even talk to me and the babys father is being a jerk if u need to talk email me at [email protected]


[email protected] - July 8

ur really young, there r so many things u can do, think about the baby. there r so many place u can go for help u can also think about adopion, so many moms and dads that would love ur baby, and u can have an open adoption, if you have any question just email me ill be here



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