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Jen - January 19

i am thirteen and wanted a baby really bad. at one of our every saturday sleepovers, my best friend said her 15 year old brother could get me pregnant. i said yes. he all of a sudden started to get inside of me and i had really, REALLY bad pains. he said they would go aways after a little bit. i said no but he kept on doing it. then it started to feel REALLY good. then, every saturday night, we hit it off for about the WHOLE NIGHT! i still get he pains when we had s_x in the begining, but now i just learned to get used to it. now i am 7 months pregnant and am really scared. i have also gone through about three VERY LONG periods. i really need help. HELP ME OUT!


just wondering - January 19

is this the same jenn that wrote a thread about wanting to be pregnant really badly????


z - January 19

good question


redeem - January 20

if it is then the dates are WAY off. I could understand if she was like 4 months, but not all the way at 7 considering the first post was in january. I think we need some dates to make sure this is accurate, and a reason why she wrote that original post in the first place if her friend had already done it with her. Also, since she's commenting on how good the s_x was, The final fact is that at 7 months she'd have definately started to show because the baby has no room to go in a 13 year old's body. I'd say it's a fake post most likely trying to emulate that other girl. If this is a true statement, just what help do you need? we can't just give out non-specific advice you know.


Asha - January 22

wow seven months hunh?Thirteen hunh? I'm suprised u arent having a miscarriage. How you thirteen talking about you HIT IT OFF!


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

You're 7 months pregnant now and scared? Weren't you scared before you got pregnant? Or when you got pregnant did you find out how painful labor is, and how hard it is to take care of a baby? You're 13 years old, I know for a fact you don't have your own place, your own car, a job..so you're expecting your parents to take care of your child now? You have some issues.


.. - January 24

lets just hope you dont die when having babie -.-


Paige - February 7

If u would like some one to talk to u can e-mail me at [email protected] and for the subject put for paige or my parents will delete it. Any way u can e-mail me and we can talk.



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