13 Pregnant Amp Couldn T Be Happier

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Belinda - January 17

I'm 13 and i'm pregnant to a 30 year old and seriously, i couldn't be happier. My boyfriend (who is not the 30 year old) is old enough and has enough money to help me take care of it and he has his own house and I'm living with him because i don't really want to live with my parents. If anyone wants to email me for any advice don't hesitate [email protected]


Heiki - January 17

Why would anyone want advice from a skank like you? Who lies.


Belinda - January 17

first of all im not a skank, i was raped so maybe you should get your facts straight before accusing someone of being a skank. and second of all i know there are quite a few people who would want advice.


I believe u - January 17

why should your bf pay for it


Belinda - January 17

Because he loves me and he's a great guy and wants to help me through it.


Hilary - January 17

Yea, I get that, but UMMM you are how far along, Ive had how many pregnancies yea I dont need advice from a 13 y/o pregnant with her first


kelsy-13 - January 17

all i have to say is your really stupid... a 30-year-old


redeem - January 17

geez, take it easy everyone. it's obvious that she's gotten pregnant by rape and she has a boyfriend who loves her. Personally I think that she should be happy she has someone to take care of her. Belinda, I have a friend that you should speak to, because she's 13 and is scared out of her mind. If you can get yahoo messenger, I'll see if I can set up a chat with her and you.


to Belinda - January 17

Woman... or should i say CHILD, you need to get your head read!! Seriously, did you realise that you have been raped?molested?? As that kind of thing is illegal and the guy can go to jail for it!??!? No?!?!? You didint know?!?!? Well I am sure that this incident will affect you for the rest of your life so you will have plenty of time to think about it. Plus you are doing the most hiddeous thing in making your boyfriend ( who you claim is not the father of your baby) to support you. Please, little children like you seriously need to be swen up and castrized, I mean the way to even have the orda__sity to brag about this kind of thing shows that you are VERY mentally unstable and there must be a fair few issues you need to deal with as this kind of behaviour and way of thinking is so against the norm, its not even funny.


concerned - January 17

Ok if you were raped by this 30yr old then why are you having the baby and not having it aborted. Cause emotionally what r u going to do everytime you look at the baby once born and then have the memory of your rape. I can not understand this it does not make sense and I wonder if you are really bona fida.


how old - January 17

By the way he age of your boyfriend you say he is old enough what dos that mean is he 14 or 20


Wow - January 17

What a kind, sensitive, understanding and supportive forum this is...


PAEDOPHILE HE IS! - January 18



Belinda - January 18

Redeem, thanks for understanding. Sorry I don't have yahoo messenger :( With you guys calling me a skank or whore or s___t or whatever, I didn't ask to be raped. And he is in jail as a matter of fact.


leave har alone! - January 18

why dont you all leave the poor girl alone,dont you think shes been through enough already? good luck belinda.


KM - January 19

EXACTLY. I think you would be feeling every emotion BUT happy if you were carrying a child conceived in rape.Also, if this is indeed true and you are happy, wait till the baby comes and see how much you can handle at 13!I am 18, and I still find it hard and i am still with my babys daddy, and done highschool.I know ppl in their 30s who find it hard. So good friggin luck, you are just a child yourself.


lily - January 21

ur happy now but trust me u wont be when that baby is waking u up and fussing and the guy ur with thats not the father will be like shut that kid up and treat it bad cause its not his kid anyway ur 13 u shouldnt be spending money on some baby u should be spending money on urself getting name brand clothes in style cute stuff not any more have fun ok u should mention u got raped i just read it. Well if thats what u want a baby then still its harder than u think



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