13 Raped And Pregnant With Twins

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Thea - April 22

well i was coming home from school about 5 months ago and i got raped. I went to buy a pregnancy test and it turned out positive. I cant tell my mum or dad as my mum ran off somewhere with her boyfriend and then my dad is seeing my english teacher. I am really scared as they are twins and i am really scared i may give birth in school. Also abortion is NOT an option as i dont think it is right. Please reply and quickly


r u stupid - April 22

Hello like they arent seeing that ur pregnant and HOW do u know that ur having twins how did u get to the dr??? if ths is the truth then im sry and u do need to tell someone


karen - April 22

thea have you considerd adoption. I know what you going thru i been raped scenice i was six years old i'm going to be 13 in aug. i'm a HEAVY sleeper i got raped while i was sleeping and it was by my brother i've been pregnant 3 other times and misscaried all three but now i'm pregnant agin with twins also i have not told my mom or dad they would not belive me because my brother has a prob with his mind he's not as developed as most teens they never belive me when i tell the truth they belive him and i want to keep my twins 'cause i don't belive in abortion and i would miss them to much if they where adopted so it is your choice and you sould tell them when you ready but you need to tell them i know i'm having twins 'cause i'm having all the syptoms and i can feel them moving in me. you do need to tell them but when you're ready to i'm gonna tell mine or let them figure it out around the 4, 5 or 6 month i'm only 6 weeks and already starting to show............oh and good luck bye: )


<Amy> - May 11

Karen it is a proven medical fact that you can't feel anything at 6 weeks, twins or not, they are way too small. You don't feel anything until 16-20 weeks


Ki-Ki - May 11

how did you find out they were twins? You should be able to talk to your father if not your mother or tell an close relative you can trust. God Bless


michell - May 11

I think that you should calm down and tell your parents so that they could help you get though this problem


andrea jones - May 11

hi look where are you call from i would love to take them in if you would let me when are you gave birth maybe we can talk write me at [email protected] ok please i would always let you see them and wrtie and tell you how they are do and send you pictuer all the time please we dont have to go to no agnceys at all just you and me and my mother and boyfriend can do this and no am not crazy just know that your father going to be mad and want to call the police and take this to court and everything let me know what going on please thing and am sorry what happing to you good luck


anon - May 11

you are only insulting people by writing stories like this, do you honestly believe that people on here will swallow that load of c___p?? go play in the traffic or something


Ashley - May 12

I'll say it.. I think MOST posts on the teen pregnancy are fake... if this one is then that is SICK, Imsure she knows that...to lie about being raped. The posts are so spasticly (sp?) written...all over the place. Mostly Ibelive its a waste to read. So why am Ihere? Because I am pregnant and want to talk to others inthe SAME REAL situation... Pfft. Theres myangry pregnant rant..ha xoxx


saliha - May 12

Im the same age as u and i thought i was pregnant just like u i could never be able to tell my mom. either way though twins or one child ur still pregnant.Plus it seems that ur parents are a little all over the place no offense.


Miranda - May 24

I feel a great deal of burden for you I'm thirteen also what happened to you should never have been done and i would not like the idea of abortion either the best advice I can tell you would be tell your farther your pregnannt . You will be suprised at the way he reacts he mat be more supportiver than you think . good luck with your bundles of joy.


Jessica - May 24

The safest thing for u to do is tell ur parents... its better for u and the twins. if u dont u will have ti deal with it all on ur own n that can be very stressful. also u should go to a counserlor because you probably have some emotional problems tah u will have to deal with. just htink of what is best for the twins


justine - May 24

Ya'll, we can't really decide whether or not they're lying. We don't really personally know them. What if they're telling the truth? If you don't believe them, just keep it to yourself. Don't force your judgement on anyone else just like you don't want anyone pushing their judgements on you. Thanks. And Thea, good luck. I hope the best for you, even though I don't have any advice for you, seeing that I'm kind of in the same predicament myself.


YOU LYING TWIT!!! - May 24

God help your sole if you are lying about this then I hope that something like rape never really happens to you. Do you think it is funny to joke about rape. You are sick and think you deserve anything that does happen to you. If I was your mom I would leave to. YOU ARE IGNORANT!!!!!!!!


Holly - May 29

How in the worl could you joke about being raped? That's just sick as hell. You need help if you're going around lying about things like that. I kew it was fake though. How could you know you're pregnant with twins and you haven't been to a doctor. Damn you.


sharon - May 29

wow..how caa yu lie bout som,ethign like that..im 15 yrs old..n i really mite be pregnant..and ur goin round jokin bout these things ur fukin sik


amber - May 29

i cant believe that you would lie about being raped and pregnant. i know ppl who have been raped and i am pregnant right now. it's not something to joke around about. it's a serious issue and for you to lie about something like that is just plain sick.



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