13 Trying For A Baby

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Honey - April 24

I know you probably think im nuts from my name but its what i want and i know you will probably try and talk me out of it but i realy do want a baby! I am an only child could that have anything to do with it?


Lisa - April 24

At your age, the last thing you should be thinking about is having a baby. Perhaps you are a bit lonely? You feel 'bored' with life? At 13, you aren't fully developed and there is a very real risk to your life. You should look at finding something you enjoy doing, or take up a sport. You need to experience life and be a kid yourself first. What is the hurry?? Maybe you could get a puppy?


To: Mya - April 24

Please, never reproduce.


.. - April 25

and if you know people will try and talk you out of it why are you posting? Oh yeah!! To start another argument the same as every other argument on here about stupid little girls that think having a baby is a must have fashion accessory


Mizzy17 - April 25

I want a baby now.But never at 13 or 14.I got pregnant the first time when I was 15 and I lost it.Now I am almost 17 in like 5-6 weeks and me and fiance are going to try to have a baby.Dont be thinkin of havin one when your 13..


to honey - April 25

Hey, can you please email me at [email protected] I want to start trying to. I am also 13 (well turning 14 this may). please email me.


Andy - April 25

Why do you want to get pregnant at your age? Are you wanting to rebel against your parents?


NN - April 26



Audrey - April 26

Homey- At 13 your body has not finished developing yet and carrying a child to term would be painful and dangerous. Your being an only child might have something to do with it. Do you have friends you can spend time with, or do you have a Big Sisters chapter in your area? There are plenty of things for you to do without thinking about babies.


angel - April 26

Gurl go ahead i know people mite say we are too young but its what we want i mean i want one too i mite even be pregnant rite now.all im saying is that you do what makes you happy.I have had up and downs about it but its what i want so go ahead and have one i know it wont be easy but its your life do whateva.Just wish me luck on being pregnant cuz i want one too.my email is [email protected]


nitenurse - April 27

I am 26 and married, and still think I am too young to have a baby. All of my friends who do have kids can never go out, they don't have money for shopping, and all the other things you are going to want to do in a few years. Do you really want to stay home from the prom because you can't find a baby sitter?


becca - April 27

good point but i still have money 4 clothes n look after my baby n my boyfiends there to help so he looks after her wen im out n visa versa


angel - April 28

if you want to try then do so i did now 8 months preg xxxxx


to Honey - April 28

Can you deal with a baby crying in your ears all nght? You can't even get a job at thirteen how will you support the baby? babies are not toys, you can't just put them away when your ready they are 24/7. Everyday until they become legal adults and they will still be there. Go to toys r us and buy the babies that cry and pee and stuff


Brooke - April 28

Honey, I know that babies are really cute, and they are so much fun to play with and take care of, but before you do anything, you need to think this through. And for all those other teens out there who feel like they would want a baby, you should really be thinking of the future. If you're 13, how can you take care of a baby if you're at school? What about if you'd like to go out with your friends, to the movies, the mall, the beach? You probably won't be able to go out for the next few weeks after the baby's born....you'll need to feed it, buy clothes, diapers, bottles, stroller, etc. So I know it sounds like fun to have a child of your own, but you should REALLY think this thought through! Don't mess up your life with a stupid mistake! <3 Brooke


Honestly... - April 29

I was in your position once. I wanted one so bad and every called me crazy. But once there is a chance that you are, you will go CRAZy trust me honey. There is a chance I might be now, I'm only 14 and it is killing me. My parents aren't the type to take this kinda thing lightly. E~mail me any time and we can talk. My e~mail is [email protected] Never be afraid to come to me and talk. I wont talk you out of it like half of these b___hes on here, ill let you make your own decisions. I will just be here to help you through whatever you decide.


haha - May 5

13 trying for a baby... I have one word to describe you: DUMBASS



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