13 Yr Old Pregant By An 18 Yr Old

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Peruchis - September 11

im a 13 year old girl and about to have a babie in 7 months by a 18 year old. im turning 14 and he's turning 19. my parentes let me live with him for almost 5 most before they found out i was pregnant.they want me to have an abortion as soon as possible. he was cryin and said he doesnt care if he goes to jail, so he wants me to talk to a dective. wat can happen? and please help???


Viv - September 9

Hmmm! Law for parental permission for abortion and law for statutory rape varies from state to state. The age difference is important. What state are you in, Florida is it? Anyhow, it seems like you have a pretty confused family situation and you do not have a good relationship with your family. When you have a child, it needs to come into a world better prepared to look after it. Perhaps it would be better to take your parents advice.


Fake! - September 9



brucen - September 11

13 is below the age of consent for ANY state in the US. S_x between a 13 yo and an 18 yo is considered child molestation in most states. Depending on where you live the parents may also have some questions to answer too. Most states require medical professionals to report cases like this.


taylor - September 17

Hi im taylor im 14 and have a 6 month old baby boy and he is my pride and joy and his daddy just turned 19 days ago .. when my parents found out i was pregnant they wanted me to get am abortion too. but i told them that i was against that cus' i am i dont believe in that . and they understood where i was coming from and let me keep it now me my son and my fiance are liveing at my parents house untill we save up enough money to get our own home and i've never been this happy in my life ..... im telling you this strait up if you tell your parents you wanna keep your baby and you dont believe in abortion they will be a little angry with you but most likely they will understand ... and with your babys daddy that cant do anything to him they will try but they cant do a d__n thing to him at all ...


Liz - September 17

No need for abortion, and if you think you aren't ready, the answer might be ADOPTION!. You can put your baby up 4 adoption and you can be sure that your baby has a better life.


Savannah Haines - September 17

Sweetie, first off, did u say that your parent let you live with him for 5 months? OMG! What kind of parent is that? Not a good one at that. But, please don't get an abortion. I am 18 and I got pregnant at 17, and married my baby's daddy, and before I delivered my baby girl, we were talking about divorce. In my opinion, it is as much of your parents fault as it is yours. You were willing to have s_x with the boy who is 5 years older than you, my husband is 23 and I am 18. If your parents make you have an abortion, then that shows that they don't love you, b/c that will be killing a part of you. and you can testify in court that you were willing and there will be nothing the courts or cops can do to this poor boy, b/c you were willing. U can refuse to have an abortion, b/c it is your body, not your parents, so please listen to me and DONT GET AN ABORTION, b/c 7 months from now, you will have a beautiful reason for living, believe me.


Daile - September 18

I agree with what Savannah says, except that even if you are willing to have s_x, at 13 you're not legally old enough to consent. At best, they could prosecute your b/f for statatory rape, at worst, child molestation. Trust me, I know. My b/f is 5 yrs. older than me, and we had the same problem when I was 13. My mom threatened to have him arrested, and since the law says she can, we broke up. Tell your parents how you feel, and be calm about it. If you just yell and scream and cry they won't pay as much attention to you. Act like an adult about it, and maybe they'll understand that you're mature enough to handle this. If nothing else, you could try to be emancipated. If they let you live with him for 5 months and you two were able to support yourselves, that should be enough proof for the judge.


brucen - September 18

Why is no one concerned with the fact that a 13 yr old who is pregnant is a victim of child molestation and instead encourage her to continue a pregnancy that could be harmful to her all so that some adult can adopt her child. Seems to me she is being victimized twice. Statutory rape laws being what they are--it does not matter that she was willing to have s_x --the law defines this person as too young to consent to having s_x.


Daile - September 18

Brucen, just because the law says you are too young doesn't mean you are. I am 18 now, and have been s_xually active since 15. Technically I was too young at the time, but I don't regret it. I learned alot from the experience, and wouldn't change it if I could. Also, no one was saying she needed to continue the pregnancy...she asked for our opinions and we gave them. Since she sounds as if she doesn't want to have an abortion, we were discussing the other alternatives, in case she is unable to keep the child.


brucen - September 19

Actually she doesnt say what she wants to do about her pregnancy. However the majority of the posts which is what I was reponding to suggests that she continues the pregnancy. Are you suggesting that if an 11 yo felt they wanted to have s_x that it's ok? The reason this law exists is to keep children, who sometimes have difficulty in making responsible decisions or who can be coerced into making a bad choice, from being taken advantage of. It's true that not all "adults" are capable of making "adult" decisons, but that is another reason why these laws are in place. You didn't mention it, but was the person you were having s_x with at the time legally an adult who should have known better than to be having s_x with a minor no matter how much s/he wanted it as with Peruchis? That is really where the problem with this situation lies, s_x between two minors is one thing--s_x between a minor and an adult is totally different -- at least where I live.


... - September 19

So if ur parents want u 2 have an abortion why did they even let you live with an 18 year old in the first place?its obvious why an 18 year old guy wants a 13 year old girl living with him-and if your parents did'nt realise that then they must be stupid..


F - September 19

State laws vary per state. Also, if your parents consented to you living w/this 19 yr. old it is safe to a__sume they knew you were having s_x with the 19 yr. old. I suggest you seek the advice of an adult in the state you live in who knows your state laws & you can brief on your family situation. That adult can help you get the help and answers that you need. Unfortunately, there are alot of people on the internet, like some of the posts above- Brucen- who give very bad advice. In the meantime, you should really consider whether or not you want this baby. If not, you will need to determine whether or not adoption or abortion is right for you. Good luck, sweetie.


Cory - September 19

Interesting BruceN how your opinion changes w/each post. You were fine w/the 16 yr old Brittany screwing the 22 yr old man. You didn't seem to think much about the law in the state then...........................


sam - September 19

awww, girl hold in there!! i really wish you good luck!!! im 14, i know how that is


Maddox - September 19

Do us all a favor and shoot yourself. No really, I mean it. Just die you stupid whore. Please don't polute the gene pool anymore.


brucen - September 20

Cory---Brittany lives in Florida(?) where the age of consent IS 16. NOWHERE in the whole of America is the age of consent below 14. S_x with anyone below the age of 14 is child molestation--a FELONY. My opinion hasn't changed the situation has.



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