13 Yrs Old What Do I Do Mature Answers Plz

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KC - April 10

Im 13 this month and i was looking forward to it finally being a teenager except for now i dont feel the same....I pregnant no more friends all my money on yuck food eurgh whats happening to my life?


Yaz-15 - April 10

Well thats you fault isnt it? You should have been preparing a slumber party or somethin that all you young'uns do LOL but now your going to have to grow up and have no time for the slumber parties and what boyz are going to want to touch you anymore huh? NONE and it all your fault LOL oh well...


Britt - April 10

kc dont listen to that ignorant b___h. people make mistakes. do your parents know yet?


To KC, - April 10

Don't listen to "Yaz-15" he/she just wants to be a rude jerk! You should just take care of yourself....like Britt said, do your parents know yet? What about the babies daddy? Does he know? I wish you the best of luck, it's not easy being young and pregnant!


KC - April 10

No,not yet but i suppose i will have to tell them? How do you just say that its so different than asking for an allowance raise this is going to change my WHOLE family's life


KC - April 10

No he dosen't know i suppose i'll have to tell him too im so flipping confused everythings so fast people are going to have to know my freinds will have to know i will have to drop out of school lose my education my whole life mapped out infront of me already :'(


katie - April 10

your rite it is goin to change ur life and big time but u need to take care of urself and tell ur parnets asap so u can get cheaked out a stuff.do u no how far along u are??? and does the babies dad no..if he doesnt u need to tell him to.i no its not easy tellin ur parents wne ur young cause im only 14and im 32wks pregnant but i wish u the best of luck and if u need to talk u can email me at [email protected] =) xxx katie


sav - April 10

whoa..KC, slow down a minute. I now you are nervous and scared, you should be. I dont mean that in a mean way, but your life is about to change forever. But the talk about having to drop out of school and loose an education, that is not true. Get a part time job (Kroger hires at 13) and use that money for day care, have a family member or friend watch the baby. It will all work out but just remember you'll need your education to provide for your baby in the future...good luck.


Audrey - April 11

KC- If you are pregnant, you are facing some very tough decisions. Do you want to keep the baby, have an abortion, or give it up for adoption? Carrying a baby to term at 13 can be dangerous because your body hasn't finished developing yet. You should speak to a doctor to find out what your options are. Best of luck!


nicole - April 11

KC u always have me and if u wanna talk 2 me u can i will always lisen 2 u and ur problems


adoption - April 12



Good Luck KC - April 13

SAV-- Child Labor Laws?



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