14 And 16 Pregnancy

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Josh - March 2

Hi I'm Josh. I am 16 and i had unprotected s_x with my girlfriend about two weeks ago. She is about a week late with her period. I have talked this over with her and we have decided if she is pregnant, we will raise it to the best of out ability. I'm still not sure if she is pregnant but she has been haveing cramps. She is 15 in 2 months (May 9). I am asking three things: If her being a week late means she could be pregnant, How to tell her parents (shudders), and how this will affect out lives and careers. I dropped out of school and took my ged about a week ago and I'm planing on going to college for computer science. I know this is more girls asking questions but im going to share the info from you guys with her. Thanks for all the help.


Josh - March 2

I just relized there is a "Help for dads" section... so if there are any moderators can you please move this topic to that part. If not can anyone please answer my questions here? Thanks.


917 - March 2

you are STUPID!!!!!!! Way 2 young to have kids STUPID.


Josh - March 3

I'm not stupid. This was unplaned. We all learn from out mistakes. If she is pregnant we are going to raise it. Dont critisize me, what if you were in my posistion? I want help not stupid comments that aren't going to do me any good.


Shelby S. (Darkpriest) - March 3

Hey bro, if she IS pregnant and you really are willing to support it, I say go for it. The best way to tell her parents is to just sit down with your parents, her parents, you, and Jacqui. You're a good kid, you just have to wake up and realize the task that's infront of you


Josh - March 3

Thanks Shelby, theres a reason why your my friend :). Can anyone else help too? Please, I'll take all the advice I can get.


allie - March 3

hey josh, what a great guy you are. you seem very responsible indeed. i am proud that you are willing to support your girlfriend, as many boys your age will stay away and leave all the responsibility on the girl. dont be too worried about your future, like your careers etc, you can still do almost anything you want, it will just be harder now. it will also make things alot easier as you are both together in this. and about telling your parents.. maybe u should get everything orginised so when you do tell them you can also tell them that you have everything sorted and that everything IS going to be ok.. good luck with this, it may seem scary but you have made the best decision for the greater good and in years to come you will be grateful to yourself that you have made this decision.


Josh - March 3

Thankyou so much Allie. Your right it is scary. I allready told my mom but she isin't much help seeing she is in a nursing home. :-\ She jumped at the idea of abortion and my gf just shook her head no. She dosn't think we can support it but I do. Is there any way i can contact you or anyone? I would like to to anyone who can relate or help with this. Thanks alot


Poppins - March 3

Josh, I am still hoping she isn't pregnant, but it is good to hear about your good intentions. Good luck.


Josh - March 3

Thanks for you reply. Me and my brother are going to walk to the drugstore soon and get a test. (Im going to have him do it because i dont have the b___s to buy one :-P) Iv been watching this thread all night hopeing more people will respond. Thanks for your contrabution.


redeem - March 3

*applause* You've got to be one of the three responsible guys including myself on this forum. Though I have never fathered a child, 3 of my best friends became pregnant in high school, and I did my best to help them out, so I know my stuff. Feel free to AIM me at agood250


layla - March 3

Raising a baby is hard, expensive, and takes a lot of time, love, and patience. I applaud you for standing up to your responsibilities. Even though it's hard it is not impossible. You and your gf can do it, but you have to realize that now you and her are stepping out of childhood and into adulthood ....which is a totally different ball game. Good luck and let us know how the test goes.


Josh - March 3

You guys are all being really supportive! Thanks for all your help. I bought a pregnancy test around 11am today, brought it home and said a little prayer to it.now i have to wait for my gf to come over so she can take it. Wish me luck!


Brandon - March 3

Hey man, your doin great. At least you two aren't just giving up like most the teens do. You're a good guy no matter how much I put you down. GOOD LUCK with your test. Lets hope for the best. - sheriff


Reba - March 3

hey Josh kudos to you for getting your GED! That's a big step and I'm proud of you for standing up and taking responsibility~I hope everything works out well.


Josh - March 3

Well she took a test today. Test said negitive, though still no period. Its probably stress or something like that, that is delaying it. If she still dosn't have a period in another 7 days, she is going to take a test again. If its negitive, Then im going to take her to the hospital. But a negitive result really eases the stress. Ill keep you all up to date on if she has a period. THANKS FOR EVERYONES HELP!!!!


Josh - March 4

Still no period. Just letting everyone know.



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