14 And Might Be Pregnanet

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Joshie - June 24

Hi My name is Joshie and I was wondering if you could help me.Me and my boyfriend had s_x a week ago and I was suppose to get my period this week but I havent got it and im scared that i might be pregnanet.Please HELP


TO Joshie - June 24

There are only certain time before your period starts that you can get pregnant. I would just go to the store by a pregnancy test and ease your mind. If you are pregnant then go to planned parenthood and figure out your options.


Audrey - June 24

Joshie- The chances of pregnancy are higher if you have unprotected s_x during your fertile zone, which is day 9-16 of a 28 day cycle. Since your period is late, use a home pregnancy test to find out what's happening.


Joshie - June 25

I did have unprotected S_x


Allison - June 25

Yes you could be pregnant and you really need to slow down. I am 16 and I started having s_x when I was 13. In 3 years I have never gotten pregnant but until now. I thought I was pregnant now b-cuz I was 5 days late, but now I think I'm not b-cuz my period is on. I read up about implantaion bleeding and I think instead of my period, I think that is the symptom of Implantation bleeding.


Amber - June 25

Hey Joshie....well.....u just have to wait a lil longer.......im 14....and yes...im pregnant.....u gots to wait a while......just wait.....take a test......and see wat happens form there...dont stress about it.....just calm down...and wait at least a Month or so...and if your perod still aint come on....take a test. ~~Amber~~


Joshie - June 26

Dont call me a hoe


Amber - June 26

She aint a hoe....errybody makes mistakes....god dont put to much on u dat he kno u cant bare......so......dont call her a hoe......cuz she aint sleepin round wit errybody thank U.


me - June 27

yeah just because she made a bad choice don't mean she's a hoe u obvisly thank u'r pregnant 2 or u wuttin b on this site get over it


Le - June 27

GET this straight...TEEN s_x is VERY COMMON. Whether u want to face it or not! Being 14, 13...and having s_x is a bit irresponsible...but a Hoe? If you don't know these girls don't criticize...because God KNOW's what u do behind closed doors! Josie...take a pregnancy test, u can buy one, or get one for free in planned parenthood. U can also get a method of birthcontrol for free, so you wont have to worry about having an unplanned pregnancy....BEST OF LUCK!


14 too - June 27

im in the same situation.......... im a good kid i play sports and honor roll all year but i got carried away one time...ask someone close to you not your mom cuz she will freak out ask a big cuzin to get u a pt thanx


Joshie - June 27

I just wanna thank everyone who has helped me.My boyfriend went last night and bought me a pregnancy test.So heres the big news i am pregnanet.but i will keep everyone posted if you would like to email me you can email me at [email protected](p.s this is my sisters email but you can still email me)


Em - June 27

My prayers are with you Joshie, take a pregnancy test.


katie - June 27

hi joshie. i am also 14. me and my boyfriend had s_x and i didn't get my period for awhile but it finally came, just try to get your mind of things and relax. if you don't start in a week start being concerned. if you need a girl your age to help you add me: [email protected]


Amber - June 27

Congratulations......on your baby....well....im havin one to..so....best wishes and prayers to all us..and yall can email me at [email protected]'ll Holla


Joshie - June 28

This is to "great".I dont know who you are but I want to say to you that i am recieving money from the state cause both my Mom and Dad died when I was 8years old in a car accident.So why dont you think about what you say before you say it.I have lived with my Grandma since I was 8 and I have had to do everything cause my Grandma could not.So im sorry that i got pregnant.


Joshie - June 28

I would like to make a correction i put that im sick of all of you well im not its just the ones that put me down



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