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Charlotte Millar - February 23

okay im 14 and almost 4 months pregnant not showing yet but im due to go to london with my bf soon hes 19 im going with him coz we both want to keep our baby and be together but if i told my family they would make me give it up or termanite it and i cant kill a baby or give mine up if anybody has soom tips on labor or mothering feel free


Grandpa Viv - February 23

You're going to run away to London with your boyfriend? He'll go to jail for kidnapping! I think you should reconsider telling the parents. It's too late for an abortion, and once the baby comes they will love it as their own. It might take them a day or two to get over the surprise when you tell them. Good luck!


me - February 23

oh my gosh wat grandpaviv wrote is true if u go to london they can report u after like 72 hrs dependin were u live as kidnaped child then they wiill retrace everything the cops of crouse and find u and if they do and they find your boyfreind he will go to jail for kidnaping especially because ur underage... trust me i thought of doing the same thing with my boyfreind and i find out more information and found out it was a very bad idea except i was going to go to brazil with him start a new life and get married there! but i cudnt cause it can do major damage! think it oversounds like u have decided that u want to keep it i dont know how to tell you to tell ur parents cause me myself i am i dont know what to say but...all i can see is prolly trying telling ur parents wen theres a counseler around or someone strong that wudnt let any verbal abuse or like hitting or anything u know best of wishes me good luck! keep me posted or email me [email protected]! godbless!


Audrey - February 23

Since your bf is over 18 he can be charged with statutory rape. Running isn't the answer either. You'll have to tell your family eventually, and even though they might scream you tell them that you understand the situation and you need their support. Try to be strong. Best of luck.



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