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Marie - February 25

Hi, before you critize me or anything like that just listen to my story! !PLEASE READ MY STORY! When, I was 13 I "thought" I was in love with this guy who was 17 we got pregnant with a baby boy but at 4 months I had a "late'" miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance..blah..blah! My mom knew she was upset but helped me until the time I miscarrided.Well, I guess I was trying to grow-up "too" fast only 5 months after I miscarried the first time and decided to go to a party I got drunk and had s_x and got pregnant again but at 5 weeks I miscarrided again it was horrible!I wanted to look older and cool in front of older people but it made me look like a s___t, I hated myself I was only 13 I wanted to live like a regular teen but I chose the wrong path.I made a mistake and regretted it very much.For,awhile I stopped doing drugs and drinking but found myself doing drugs again one day with older people.I didn't have to lie about my age the guys didn't care.My ex-boyfriend and I broke up and I moved back to Louisiana with my dad.I went to school and was doing good I quit doing drugs but drinked sometimes.On, October 15th I took 3 Zan-Bars with my friends older brother.Whenever I get around guys I do these things that make me look so stupid.We, had s_x and I fell pregnant again.Now, I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.My dad is still upset he doesn't even like to look at my stomach.I feel like c__p I just wanted to look older and fit in but it made my life worse.So, to all the girls and sometimes guys who want to look older and fit in...it isn't worth it don't throw your life away like I did mine..you have plenty of time to grow-up I wish I realized that before I did the stupif stuff I did. Please, think about yourself not who is cool...be uniquely you!


Marie - February 26

Thank you! I know I've one the wrong things but now will have to grow-up and take care of a child.I tell my friends who are s_xually active or want to be, to just wait be a teenager not an adult!


mariela - February 26

good luck marie


Paige - February 26

I feel really bad for you that you wound up like that. You chose the wrong path and you know it. I am really sorry, and if you would like to talk please e-mail me at [email protected] I would love to help.



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