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Jessie - August 20

I just turned 14 last month and i found out that I was 2 months pregnant. I told my mom right away and she kicked me out. My bf didnt break up with me, and i am living at his house. He is really rich and his mom said that she would pay for the baby if i decide to keep it. I am really scared about the birth . It hurt bad enough having s_x. I kind of want to get an abortion but by bf wants to keep the baby because his parents will pay for it. Any Advice?


Kim - August 20

well in your case you are kind of lucky because you at least get to have a place to stay and someone to support you. If i ever got pregnant by my bf my mom would probably try to kill me i am 15 and he is 24, i just wish you the best of luck.


karine - August 20

Well...you are lucky that your BF wants to keep and help with the baby. do you know hoe many pregnant woman would like to have their Bf stay..and their mother in law to actually agree to paying for the child..you are one lucky girl. it wouldnt be right for you to abort the child..cause you and your BF laid down and made the baby..and he wants to take his responsibility. it's his baby too. If you cant talk with your mom because she kicked you out..then kindly go to your mom-in-law and tell her your concerns....and she may just give you advice and guide you. and iam sure once your mom see's that you are serious she may come back. especially when she see's your little angel. if you need to talk [email protected] good luck


pro-life - August 20

i am aginst abortion, but if you feel you dont want the baby give it up for adoption, cuz honestly honey things change and people dont always keep there word. im not saying your boyfriends parents are gonna lie, but this is your baby and you will eventully have to support it yourself. and if you dont think you can do that then you should give your little person to someone who can give s/he a better chance. remember your baby is an innocent bystandard in the whole situation who deseves a fair chance!!! Good luck on your decision...please give it serious unselfish consideration


Jessie B - August 20

Honestly....if you have an abortion im sure it will probably hurt....and also...if you keep waiting, you wont even have the option.....Your lucky you have people who want to help you....when you have the baby they will give you pain medicine unless you tell them not to....after the pain of labor and birth...you have a lil bundle of joy to take ur mind off the pain...after an abortion....you have nothing.....


Jessie - August 20

Ya, I won't get an abortion. I really want to have the baby. I dont think that his mom will back out of it. She is really nice and she is rich anyway so it is not a big deal for her to pay for it. I definently do not want to give the baby up for adoption. My bf would never forgive me, and i dont want to be pregnant for 9 months and give birth and then just give the baby up.


desi - August 21

my answer is you should deffentily keep that baby it is your . do not give it away because it would be hard to get it back . do not do it


/// - August 21

maybe you all should talk about it... and look into adoption... you all are both young and need to be able to take care of the baby without his parents helping you! and having an abortion only kills a life that someone else would love to have!!!!


Sammi - August 21

You should try to keep the baby because somebody is already paying for it


emily - August 22

well let me tell you something i am 15 and 5 months pregnant and i would not get an abortion because one of my friend got one and now she wants her baby back you are very lucky that your bf mom amd dad are there 4 the baby see my baby daddy is there 2 o0o0 i am scared to give birth but just think after that pain is done you will have a pretty baby with you 4 life no it not easy bein a mom but there alot of girls that been there already and they are good now some not all but just think 2 about that aborion bye hope i help you


Karen White - August 24

yo home gurl dont get an abortion you have to live with the thought that you as mom killed your baby because you made a mistake I'm 14 and trying be lucky you can have a child its there for a reason God dont make mistakes e-mail me at [email protected] I really need afriend to talk to


Jonee - August 27

That baby inside of you is a blessing. Many people can not have children. You are not alone with your situation. Plenty of people have had children young and have done just fine. I suggest that you google images of abortion and make your decision. If that isn't what you are thinking, think about all the people that wonder where their kids are and cannot find them when they get older from adoption. Keep your blessing, love your blessing. There will be hard times but you will get through them.


- August 28

AT THIS point ur baby can feel pain, so it will feel that its being killed. please think first


claudia - August 31

i dont know if im pregnant and too scared to have a test. if you get your period can you be pregnant after having unprotected s_x. my sisters didn't have their periods while they were pregnant. im really scared



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