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LEYDIS - December 22

h__lo im 14 years old and im pregnant 6 weeks due and i would like to know that if i want to move in with the father of my kid do we have to get marry before moving in..??


Elsie - December 22

You are obviously way way way too young to be having a child. You need to forget about the father and give your child up for adoption.


answer - December 22

ignore elsie. shes selfish! this girl wants to keep her child and watch it grow up, dont you dare tell her to give it up! if you want to keep your child you keep it. and no you dont have to marry before you move in together : )


LEYDIS - December 22



Jbear - December 22

In some states, if you move in together, that is considered a common-law marriage.


Kristina - December 22

you have to live together for a certain amount of time before your are common law though


Jbear - December 22

In Texas, if you live together and you're saying you're married, that is a common-law marriage, regardless of how long you've lived together. I thought of something, though, for Leydis...since you're so young, I think your boyfriend could get in trouble if you were living with him. I don't know who you can ask about it, though,,,maybe a counselor at school would know for sure?


Kristina - December 22

oh, in canada I think you have to live with someone for like 3months or something.


Adult - December 23

Lyedis, You are young, but it is possible to love and nurture an infant/child. If you have no support from your parents you need to find an adult mentor/advisor. Figure out what your dreams and goals are and than look at your options. Since you plan to keep your child you need to plan accordingly. But please finish your schooling. In certain states and provinces you as 14 year old may be able to live with your boy friend. In other states he could be subject to statuary rape laws. Be careful Arie


Heather L - December 26

In Canada, as soon as you move in with someone as a "couple" you are instantly considered common-law.


adult - December 27

Your choice is life altering no matter what you choose to do. Although you are very young, the decision is yours to make. If you have an alternative support system other than the father of the baby, I would cling to them. The things you go through are going to be very hard at your age and to compact this with trying to be a live in girlfriend/wife at 14, could make it a little harder. Please remember that there are people out there to help you so that you can move forward with this and still have a wonderful life ahead of you. You have the ability to finish school and get a degree in something so you can have a career and not just a job. You won't do this baby any favors by dropping out of school at 14 and staying home relying on the dad. The baby is so precious and you need to be everything you can be for her/his sake. Good luck and know you are loved.


Katie - December 27

I havent been on here in ages and i had my baby when i was 14 lol she was born of the 5th of may 2005.She is beautiful,If you want give me your addys and i can send you some pictures.I live with the father,well he moved into my house with my parents.I am now 15 and he is 17 and we are doing well.you dont have to marry,but however,I do sugest you talk it over with your parents and his before doing anything like that and make sure that you in a solid releinship with him and ignore what Elsie said,you may be young for having a child but im sure you will make a great mother,just like i am trying to be.I love my daughter so much.take care xxx katie


adult - December 28

how can you "kids" possibly take care of a child??Do you have a job?? having a baby costs money--what are you thinking??This really saddens me that you young girls are wanting kids so bad. what ever happened to playing with barbie dolls or getting a puppy?? you have your whole lives ahead of you. Think about what kind of life you can actually give to a baby and stop being so selfish!!!!


Fleur - December 28

No one can tell you what to do, as ive realised im 26 weeks pregnant and im 14.. i will still be 14 when my baby boy is due in april 2006 ! im proud though, i have supporting parents and friends, thats all that matters, however im not with the baby's father, but i think this baby deserves a life, as does yours ! so keep your head high, and go with what your feeling ! x X


Adult - December 31

While I happened onto this thread and entire site by accident. I think it is cheap that some one uses another persons "name" For the good order my comments were the first adult one's. Yes I think it would be better if young women advoided becoming pregnant. And it is a fairly widely held view that teenage pregnancy is in North America and Europe not desirable. But it happens. Since you are talking about human beings I think you should respond with respect and helfpful comments. The primary responsibilty as always falls on the mothers shoulders. She has three options - But a life time before her so she should consider what she wants in five ten and twenty years. Not only for herself but also her parents, the father and most important the infant. To the other person who used Adult - find another name & be honest and helpful.


Katie - December 31

We may be young but it doesnt mean we cant look after are children.I am Only 15 and i have a 34week old baby.She is beaufiful and heathly and gets all the love and care she needs.My family are supportive and i have great friends who are always there if i need a helping hand...Fair enough its better if teens like myself didnt get pregnant but I dont regret it at all.Infact i am pleased it happened because i have been blessed with something so special.We are young but we are quite capable of looking and caring for are children. xxx Katie.


question? - December 31

do u even have a job and or and cash to start with, is this boys parents even willing to take you in?..... does he have a job? there is a lot to concider ur maybe what a freshman? do u plan on finishing school, dont get me wrong leydis all of this can be done. but at 14 do u see ur self with ur bf 10 15 even until the day u die? i am a child of divorce and i no first hand it sucks... major, im not saying keep kill it(nvr kill it i would nvr provoke abortion) or give it. the choice is urs just concider teh obvious



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