14 And Pregnant HELP

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Eli - January 16

i don't now if i am pregnant. here's what happened: i was at the school dance and a boy two years older than me asked me if i wanted to dance. i said yes. we started to dance a little dirty. we were asked to leave. so we did. when we were out in the halls, we snuck into the mat room and decided to...you now...have unprotected s_x. two weeks later i felt like i was gaining weight. i was wondering how i was gaining weight since every day after school i run three miles. about another week after that i started to have cramps and started throwing up at school. i also milled my period. i was just about to break down when i found out my mom was pregnant w/ her 12th baby(i have ten other brothers and sisters.) i took pregnancy tests and they all read yes. i don't now what to do. please, HELP!


worried mother - January 16

well Eli, you really need to talk to your mom, and seek medical advice, you are too young to have a child, but in saying that, the deed is now done, and you are having a baby, so there is no going back! Please talk to you mom, and explore all of your options, I am not saying to abort the baby, but there are alot of families, that cant have children, that are looking to adopt! The final thing is that it is soley your choice, dont let anyone make you do anything that you dont want to do! Good luck sweety!


concerned - January 16

see a doctor and also be tested for std's


TO Eli - January 16

I agree, you need to talk to your mom, and try to explore your options... some poeple are comfortable with adoption, and some with abortion and some believe in raising thier own child. You need to do some sole searching and see which option you are comfortable with. What ever you decide it will have to be your decision as no one can make it for you. But first you need to tell your mom or another adult that you are close with.


Sarah - January 17

hmmmmm, another person who needs to know that unprotected s_x=babies=irresponsible if you cant raise them. Damn girls.. you NEED to know this stuff and actually do something about it. And if all it took was one look at the mat room for you guys to go for it, then what on earth does that say about you??? I mean some of you come on here and b___h about your situations, but you have gone and already thrown all self respect for you out the window?!?! How do you expect for people to take you seriously if you dont even want to take yourself seriously. My advice is dont have s_x until you are ready to undertake all consequences of actions. If you are already pregnant, then you have to suck it up and decide what you are going to do about it. I understand accidents happen, but I am so d__n sick to death of all these gilrs having s_x for the hell of it with whatever Jo b__w happens to be there and not using any protection. YOU need to be responsible YOU are the one that can get pregnant, not them.



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