14 And Pregnant I Need Help From Someone

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Michelle - February 27

Hey, I'm 14 years old and 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.I'm due July 18th,2005. I haven't even been to the doctor yet because my dads insurance doesn't pay for the doctor bills if the child gets pregnant and my dad doesn't have enough money right now no were not poor but he has bills.My mom lives in South Carolina and I live in Louisiana, I talk to my mom on the phone but she isn't here to help me physically she said she loves the child already and so do I.My dad on the other hand doesn't, I asked him if he would love this child he said he doesn't know.He acts like he doesn't care, I know deep down he does but he doesn't show it.My friends all they do is drugs and such and her mom is drunk all the time so I can't talk to them.But, I need someone to talk to, if anyone can help me please E-mail me at [email protected] Sometimes I just want to cry, because I feel as tho no one seems to care that I have a little baby inside of me, I don't know what to do, or who to turn to!


layla - February 27

If you haven't been to a doctor yet then how do you know that you are having a boy?


katie - February 28

yeah how do u no ur havin a boy then???


Madison - March 7

Hey I am 14 and well i dont really know how feel but my sister had a little girl at 17 yes u are much younger but my dad did the same thing, he acted as if he wouldnt care about the baby but in time he will nad u said that deep down u know he does. You are right, it is probley just ur his littel girl (even if u have younger brotheres or sisters) and he just probley cant wrap his mind around the fact that his little girl is haveing a baby. I dont know a lot about your situation or if the dad is there or not, but u just have to be strong, and remember this baby needs you. Always know that there are people out there that care and i dont know u but i do care and hope everthign goes well for u. i will e mail my e mail addresses to u just incase u would like to talk. well hope everything goes well.


Tabitha aka Tee - March 8

hey gurl well if you have any questions or any thing you can e mail me at [email protected] i was 13 when i had my first baby he is now three about to be four.


hannah - March 11

i reallu think you shoul talk to your dad bout this and tell your mum trust me i know !


hannah - March 11

how do u no ur havin a boi ???


MELISSA - March 11

Well not sure how you know the s_x of the baby or your due date if you haven't been to the doctor, but it is illegal for either of you parents to denie you medical care. Also, you can go to your local department of social services and they will help you with medical care by getting you on medicaid.


Hailey - March 11

you need to go to the DR to find out if u are having a boy or a girl...and to find out a due date...get to the doctors so u can make sure ur baby is healthy. You should be taking pre-natal vitamins as well


Brittney - March 13

I might be able to get mt aunt to help u out a bit i mean i don't know if she will be able to pay for anything but u will have a adult to help u and talk to u about your body


kellie keys - March 22

sent me about how is use start pregnancy


natalie - March 22

hi, im also 14 and i have just had a baby boy on march the 4th and my dad acted as if he wasn't bothered but now he wont leave my little boy alone


lynn - March 23

read this gurls msn profile http://members.msn.com/default.msnw?guids=5wor*e7SpEf5XSA7KpWzQhu!oyPunbo2COzGMjZjN!cG2gGvBP*SVPTV63TwReE2VF says NOTHIGN about her being prego and it says she's 20??


? - March 23

I remember seeing your email address in the adoption forums earlier this year or late last year.


yukia - March 24

how do u feel if ur pregnant


sarah - March 30

just stay calm. don't over react. it can effect the baby. i'll email u and we can talk


Tay - March 30

if you have aim you can IM me...my screenname is taytay124R I'd love to talk.



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