14 And Pregnant Need Help Just Email Me

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Shella - February 18

Hey..I'm Sh__la and am 18 weeks pregnant with a baby boy due July 18th,2005.I'm also only 14, I may be young but I can answer almost any question you may have! I've gone through with telling my dad,and family, quitting smoking,telling the father, the father leaving, not knowing what to do..adoption or keep the baby...etc..if you have any questions I would love to answer them you can email me at [email protected]


Re: Shella - February 18

Hi I noticed that somewhere else you posted that you were having a baby girl but on here you said baby boy. Just curious if it is a girl or a boy?


Shella - February 19

No, I'm have boy..!


RE: Shella - February 19

why would you tell 3 other people u r having a girl but here you insist ur having a boy?


bump - February 19



Chey - February 19

she lieing...shes not pregnant cause i seen her name on anotha post and she said shes having a girl...and now shes saying shes having a boy..this b___h i fake.


? - February 19

Thats what I thought too.


Re: Shella - February 19

Well at 18 weeks it would be kind of difficult to see if it was a male or female, not impossible, but still. 18 weeks, come on? Woman usually don't find out until their 20 week appointment, and thats when they get that ultrasound. Whats the deal here?


Hi - February 19

Adoption Junkie trying to lure the innocent.


? - February 20

I think Shella has disappeared into thin air. She is not even trying to deffend herself. She must be a fake.


becca - February 20

mabey there is more then one shella just a fort


RE: becca - February 20

her info on the other post matches the info here wxcept the part about the boy.


Re: becca - February 20

Her email is the same on the post where she claims to be having a girl. It is the same person.


Tiffany-N-Steven - November 15

Hey i am sorry to bother you with this but i dont know where else to turn without my parents knowing about this.Me and my boyfriend of 8 months had s_x about a month and an half ago and i still havent got my period and i have been getting little cramps below my belly b___ton ... i would get a pregnancy test but i have no money and i dont know what to do if u can help me please write back i feel so dumb not knowing what to do in this situation but i dont so help


lealani - November 16

check your school nurse or planned parenthood. Also Walmart sells them for like 3 bucks. I even think that the dollar store might sell some.



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