14 And Scared

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Karissa - January 17

I'm positive I'm pregnant so thats not my question! I'm 14 and love to dive I have been on a dive tean since I was about..........5 or 6! So I have been doing it for a looooong time, I'm pregnant for twins and want to know whether or not I should continue with my diving! Is it wrong for me to keep them? Is it wrong to give them up for adoption? Is it okay to be scared? Should I be happy? Should I want them? Why am I so scared? Will birth hurt? Because I'm only 14 will I be able to br___tfeed? I already have names Andrew and Alice!


me - January 17

how fare gone are you how do you know its twins i wouldnt carry on while ur pregnant, no its not wrong to give them up for adoption, yes u can b___stfeed but feeding two maybe a little difficult


to karissa - January 17

Twins is a lot of work for married couples,I myself would seroiusly consider a open adopition.It is natural to want to keep you child,you probibly already have a bond.Kepp them isn't wrong either but adopition will give them a better life.Most girls who will incourage you to keep it only have one baby.You have to sit down with both your parent,his parents and the father of the baby and come up witha plan that that works for you,not me or anyone else.Keep in mind twins can be more then a stay at home mon can handle and you still have highschool and if you want to keep up sports.


Kristina - January 17

It's not wrong to give them to adoption. Think of it this way, you would be helping a couple create a family they otherwise might not be able to have. However, if I was to give twins to adoption, I would only do it if I could find a family willing to take both...The idea of seperating twins makes me sad.


wow - January 17

wow if you know that your having a girl and a boy and that you have names picked out you would have to be at least 20 weeks and you would have also been to a doctor so they can tell you that your having a boy and a girl so clearly this is a d__n fake post if she doesnt know if she can b___stfeed or dive you would think you would ask your doctor that.


? - January 18

Fake or not,why do you care.Doctors can make you feel stupid and uncomfortable,especally at 14,As fake as it sound,it is not worth the risk that it may be real.As small a chance it is.


true - January 18

no matter how fake it is or isnt her doctor still would have talked to her about b___stfeeding and possibly sports. Doctors do a pretty good job not letting someones age affect the treatment they will receive. because in the long run this 14 year old will need more help and advice from the doctor than a 24 year old in a similar situation.


something to think about,umm - January 18

How true but we don't know how far she is.Maybe she want a boy and girl and doesn't really know what they are yet.Now my question,how far along do are you when you find out you are having twins?If it is further along then no doubt it is a fake but if it is early she ma be working up the courage to ask.


TO KARRISSA - January 18

Lets ask her.How far along are you?Have you been to the doctors?Have you had a ultrasound and told you are going to have twins?Do you know their s_x for sure?I know if i just found out i was having twins I think i would be in shock and would think of the questions on the spot.They would probibly wouldn't think of them till the next appointment.


.... - January 18

if you're far enough along to know that you're having twins, you're far enough along, that you shouldn't even WANT to dive. Especially being so young, I would think you'd already be on bedrest.


frankschick2001 - January 18

How far along are you? Also, what are your parents saying? There is nothing wrong with being scared. If I were you I would be stone petrified! I don't think diving is good later on in pregnancy because of the underwater pressure, but you can ask your doctor. But honey at 14, and pregnant, you are going to have to get used to the idea that you may not even have time for these things anymore. I'm not saying that's the way it will be, but I hope you are preparing yourself for motherhood and not so concerned with your extra curricular activities. Adoption should be kept open as a real option for you.


john - January 18

those are your babies, no matter what happens or what you want, they will always be you babies. it is not there fault dont take it out on them, you are about to bring two beautiful biengs into this earth wait till you hold those two little babies in your arms and then you will know what to do. my girlfriend is 14 and pregnant i am 17 and going to the marines to support my family, i will die for them if i have to because i love them. trust me you will to.


shaylanrae - January 18

honey, i was terrified too, and ive gone through 6 more years of life than you. i cant imagine how id feel at 14. you have every right to be scared, and dont let the older women who come in here solely to bash teen moms make you upset. they were just as scared as you are when they found out, i gaurentee it. its not wrong to keep the twins. nor is it wrong to get an abortion, or go with adoption. its your choice. thats whats still good about this country... you can make your own choice.. its gonna be harder than hell for you to raise them, but you can do it. people used to raise families at 12, 13, 14.... back hundreds of years ago, so if they could... you can. adoption will be an amazing option for you since you are so young, and it would be so hard to raise them yourself. plus, you could give another family that cant conceive a wonderful gift. but dont let all that rule out abortion. so many people are against it, but you know what, its an option, and you have the right to choose whats best for you. research everything thoroughly... but quickly. you can be happy and want them. those are normal feelings.. dont let anyone else tell you otherwise. youre scared because you know youre bringing another life (two lives) into the world, and thats a scary thing. plus, youre a kid... i am too.. and thats scary, giving up your childhood. birth will hurt. everyone is different, so it might not hurt a lot, but it might be near unbearable.. but also remember, women have been giving birth for two thousand years.. you can too. your body was built to do it.. if you can get pregnant, you can deliver. and of course you will be able to b___stfeed.. almost all women are able to. unless youre one of the rare ones, your milk will come in a couple days after they are born, and it will be plentiful... good luck with your decision...


been there - January 19

adoption is a wonderful gift, your babys deserve the best and so do you, by giving them to a loving family your securing theyr future and lives they can be guarenteed the security you cant give them right now and youll be giving yourself a chance to have a future and be all you can be . Then one day you can meet them and show that they were the best thing to ever happen to you and that you made something out of youself. I made this decision at 17 with my baby I know he is loved and i get updates on him. ultimatly its your decision i just wanted to share my story so you could have a idea from the perspective of someone who has done it. If you wernt scared that would be wierd....good luck and you've abviously taken the right step by asking questions.


mum of 2 and 1 on way - January 20

Hi what ever you feel will be right for you. if you want to keep the babies then you must tell your parents or a doctor. have you already because over wise you might not be having twins you would need a scan to say. you proberly will have to give up diving while you are pregnant but best ask your diving teacher. it is totally normal to be scared no matter what age you are. yes it will hurt, and yes you would be able to b___st feed. you need to talk to a prfessional e.g. doctor or midwife about your options and they will help you if you decide to have the baby and will help you if you decide to put them up for adoption. just make sure whatever you decide then it is your choice.


Natasha - January 20

Karissa, It is perfectly normal to be scared and its okay. your young and thats probably what scares you the most, thinking about having kids at such a young age. but its okay. as for you continuing diving, you probably shouldnt do while your pregnant, it could be harmful to your babies, but then again you should check with your doctor. Look i know your really confused right know and that may not go away for a while but your goin to need to sit down and think about what you want for your kids. you have to think about weather or not your ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother, and weather or not you can support your kids with food and clothes and a roof over their heads... there is a lot for you to think about and you have a big decision to make... but you know what if your worried about adoption, dont be... there are a lot of people who would love to adopt babies, most people do... and its not bad at all. i'm adopted and its great! my parents are wonderful people who love me very much and have given me everything i've ever needed..... well i hope i helped you at least a little bit...... and good luck with everything your going through.


nikol - January 20

Hi Karissa. I wouldn't dive anymore just to be safe. I think adoption is a good choice for someone your age. I was given up for adoption to a couple that couldn't have children and I had a great life. I think one baby would be too much for you to handle right now let alone two. My sister has twins and she's thirty and she goes insane trying to keep up with everything.



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