14 And Think I Am Pregnant

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Becky - September 11

Well i had s_x with my bf about a month ago and i have missed my period, i havn't really been stressed latly 2 miss it but he used a dom when we had s_x. I can't tell me mum but she is getting supiscious cause she was like should u have ur peiod. I brought a pregnancy test with my friends and it came up not pregnant but i don't think i waited long enough. Also beeng getting a real sorta snotty discharge in mornings and somtimes during the day. i am worried that i am pregnant?


Viv - September 10

Becky, the discharge sounds like a symptom of pregnancy but you are not describing any other symptoms. What about tiredness and nausea and peeing? The home pregnancy test may show positive at the time of the missed period, but if negative you should repeat again after 2 weeks. Make sure you use first pee in the morning as soon as you get up.


take another test. if pos get an abortion - September 11

take another one. ure mum wil prob kick u out if she finds out, and you'll wreck your life so if ure pregnant get an abortion.


becky - September 15

thnx so much it worked out that i go tmy period so i am all good, i am not going 2 have s_x again til i am ready 2 tell my mum that i do.. luv u all becky xoxo


crystal - October 14

take another pregnancy test to be sure if it is positive be honest with your mom


bkat - October 20

if he used the condom correctly there is small chance of pregnancy. anytime that you are late for your period you can take a test. however some women dont have very high amounts of hcg in their urine to be able to be dected on a pregnancy test. hcg is the hormone that is secreted in your blood and urine at this time. you should probably go to your doctor for a pap because it could be some kind of infection...if you still think you are pregnant you can request a blood test which is very accurate at determining pregnancy. if anything is not normal to you about your body you should talk to a doctor. you should also be getting a yearly pelvic exam if you are s_xually active.



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