14 And Want A Baby

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babylova - October 1

im 14 and my boy friends 15 we want a baby but im worried wat my mum will say


Kari - October 1

Hey love, read the post on 'How Do I Know If I'm Ready To Have A Baby?' That is basically the same question as you've asked but from a 15 yr old. The answers there should help. Good luck xx


Babies Are Not Solutions - October 4

Get a cute puppy or kitten and do some babysitting of small children. I am sure you feel this need to show the love you have to a small child but bringing one into a situation that is not stable is selfish and wrong. At 15, your life is the farthest thing from stable. Your child will not thank you in the end.


Jen - October 4

You are young, you have loads of time to have kids...wait. Live for you right now.


The answer is........ - October 4

Look hon, you've got way too much to lose than to gain having a baby with you at 14 and your boyfriend at 15. You've got lots to look forward to in your later teen years and beyond.......education, graduation, college hopefully, more dating, career, and marriage just to name a few. With a baby at 14 or 15 you'd be sacrificing more than you will ever know. How you going to get to the doctor with no driving license or pay for doctor visits? Think this through and hopefully you'll delay until you're an adult and you're really ready for one.


hey - October 7

babies are deffinantly great but sometimes they are not all fun and games when your friends are goin out you have to stay home with the baby you cant go out and PARTY!! iknow everyone has probably told you that but think about it!!! GOOD LUCK


Shorty - October 7

I am really sorry but I have no respect for children who think of a baby as a "must have"clothing acessory to have... I find it quite tacky. You obviously have no idea what having a baby entails, and something must be wrong with you if at 14 you are selfish enough to contemplate it.


Katie - October 10

OMG seriously i can't stand these people that think it would actually be good/ fun whatever to go and have a baby. you'll be at home for the next 18 years worring about your bloody kid rather than being out having a laugh with your mates. Get a life!


Daile - October 11

Katie, that is not true. Yes, having a baby as a teenager is hard, but it won't ruin your life! I don't think a 14 year old should be trying to conceive, but don't tell her lies about what it would entail. If you lie to her, then she won't believe anything anyone else says either. Just because you have a baby does not mean you will sit at home all the time with no friends. Lots of teenagers who have children continue with their education and maintain their friendships, as well as joining mommy support groups where they make new friends.


Brandiz - October 11

having a baby at 14 ani't good cause it will take your mama through to much stress


Danise - November 1

i don't have an answer becouse i am like you. i came to this web site to talk to some one becouse i want a baby.but i'm fifteen. and i havent talked to my boyfriend about it.i'm kinda scared to tell.anyone.


Sarah - November 1

Me as well i really want a baby and am 15 a havnt spoke to my bf much about it n my mum says she would throw me out if a had a baby, but a really really want someone of my own to bring into this world n bring up with love!! help xx


danise - November 1

sarah i feel the same way maybe we can talk to share how we feel. that will be nice i realy need to talk about this email me at [email protected] please


Nana - November 1

By the way, the girl who got pregnant never finished school and hear she is living with drug addicts and getting beaten up daily. I am NOT saying this is what happens to a teen mom, it could happen to anyone, but I am just using it as a comparison because once I wanted to be in HER shoes.


Ca__sie - November 2

I think you should sit down and have a real long talk to your boyfriend and see if you and him are ready for the responbility to care for a baby also you should go and get some info about teen parenting.


name - November 2

first of all, if your decisions still depend on your mom's consent, You are not ready for a baby. Wait till you are in an ideal situation, such as 1.) having an education and 2,) a home and career. You can't even DRIVE(how are you going to take baby to doctors appts)You aren't even old enough to buy a lottery ticket.lol.If you want a baby that bad, work hard right now to put yourself in a situation where you are ready.Finish school.


angel_one - November 2

babylova, give your "body" time to finish growing and your maturity too to, having a baby at 14 wont be as cracked up as you thing it would! , i know many 16 year old mums that wish they have thought differently befroe baby. you are 14, live your live, hell im 21 and started trying for my little girl when i was 18, that ment that all those nites up town drinking, smoking (not that i ever did that!! lol) parting, were over before we even got pg! i was not that worried about it but now with a 15month old and family to look after i sometimes think about what life would have been like if we had just held off having a baby for a year or so later! (i have no regrets about my daughter - she is wounderfull -most of the time lol) but this is you tteenage years and having a baby at 14 can do some damage to your body not to metion the baby!, finish school at least first, then maybe look ate bf getting a job to support u and baby!!



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