14 I Think I M Possibly Pregnant

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alyssa - June 28

hey every1.. i'm alyssa and i'm really nervous..anyway on with this..Last wendsday my period ended then on friday night me and my bf (he's 17) had s_x w/out a condom...he ddin't pull out or anything he completley jizzed n me..i've been having 2 go pee alot..hungry all tha time..bad stomach aches..headaches..constantly tired..pls tell me wat u tihnk and wat i shuld do..ir eally need all the help i can get.. thnx Alyssa


to Alyssa - June 28

Dont mean to scare you..but you should talk to your parents or a doctor. You could also take a test and see what happens..good luck


Er - June 28

Yeah, if he actually jizzed in you and you're showing all those symptoms chances are that you're pregnant.


Breana - June 28

There is a very very SLIM chance you are pregnant, as if your period only ended two days before you had unprotected s_x. It's very unlikely that you would have ovulated that quickly. Also, I doubt you would be seeing that many signs that quickly. However, all that being said, stranger things have happened, and if you wait a month and still don't have your period again, GO GET TESTED!


alyssa - June 28

yes i kno it's slim but i read that u can get pregnant wen ur on ur period..so thier is really no difference..I'm still scared..and also we r the most firtle n our teen years..


Grandpa Viv - June 28

I'm with Breanna. If your last period started June 18th, you would not normally ovulate until July 2nd, and even if you did ovulate 8 days early (extremely unlikely) you would not be experiencing all these signs after only 4 days. IMHO it's all in your head, or you got pregnant last month and this period was a light bleed during pregnancy. Was it different?


alyssa - June 28

no this was my first time ever having s_x..and hopefully u 2 are right and its all n my head..n i wouldn't b worried right now if my period had a steady routine but it dosent it c0mes all diff times..early,late..i never know wen it's coming..but once again i hope u and breana are right and thnx 4 the advise etc...if any1 else has any PLZ comment


Donna Smith - June 28

i,ve read about pregnancy and im 17 and 9 months pregnant. When I got pregnant I had the exact same symptoms and all point to pregnancy i suggest you go get a pregnancy test with one of your friends so if its positive it wont scare you and if your brave enough tell your parents and play the sorry game. And if you are the baby will be a beautiful outcome with a lot of responsibilities.


Amy - June 28

I am 3 days into my period, i am 14, and me and my boyfriend had s_x today, and the condom broke inside of me, wat advice do u have for me? And wat can i do to prevent this unwanted pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - June 29

Amy, s_x on Day 3 of your cycle is extremely low risk. Make sure your condoms are not past their used-by date and have not been carried around in a boy's billfold for six months. When you put the condom on him, pinch the end so there is enough slack (with no air in it) to take the c_m. After he c_ms, he needs to get out pretty soon. Reach down and hold the condom on his p___s as he pulls out.


Grandpa Viv - June 29

Alyssa, I take back my previous comment. Since your period is unpredictable, there is no knowing when you might have ovulated. Your signs are strong for pregnancy. The remaining puzzle is why your signs started so soon after Friday s_x. Maybe you got pregnant from s_x days before, or like I said above, from s_x last month. You probably need to take a home preg test Sat Jul 9th and another a week later, first pee, dip method. Good luck!



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