14 In Love

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Baby - May 6

Who thinks that a 14 yr. old can be in love?? but like really in love??





love-expert - May 6

Okay, heres the deal hun, when your 14 you are very funerable and u dont even relize it, so u fall for guys very easily. u may think your "in love" but really u just think thier really hott, and just care for a person alot, but the truth is you'll both grow out of eachother and start dating other people. its okay to date people and be crazy about them, but u have to relize that its going to end sooner or later. so just make sure that u dont get too caught up in the moment w/ someone and make a mistake that u will regret for the rest of your life.


Tori - May 7

You can be in love at 14! I met someone at 15...we had our ups and downs, as all relationships do, and wouldn't ya know...4 years later and we're married. We'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this august!


to baby - May 7

i was in love at 17 and 10 years later love him even more! i think it is possible but you might realise one day that it really wasnt love! who knows!


chyna - May 7

i think your old enough to fall in love but to young to know wether or not the love is really real


Gaby - May 8

I think a girl can be in love at 14


Saliha - May 8

You could be in love like 4 real. I'm in love and im only 13 I can't get over him and all I can think about is his no matter wat he did 2 me I'll alwais luv him he was my first time and thats really important.


Amy - May 8

When I was 14 I started going out with someone who I'd known for 7 years. I'm now 23 and we're married with two gorgeous daughters, and a son (who's an angel now) I know what I felt for him back then was real, and it grows stronger each day.


To Amy - May 9

So do you know your husband since you were 7 yrs old??? Have you guys been together the whole time since you were 14 or did you guys break up and get back together??? Im asking because im 14 and i love my boyfriend with all my heart i lost my irginity to him and we have been together for 2 yrs now and i want him to be the one i spenf the rest of my life with and you saying that you are married to the guy you loved at 14 really gave me hope!! I mean i know that its not like that for eveybody but i really want him


Amy - May 9

Yes I knew him since I was 7, and he's 3 years older than me. We have never broken up, and never had a serious argument. We've fallen out for a few hours, but only because we like making up ;-) The thing thats helped most is that we have been good friends all the way, and we've overcome things together such as the loss of our son. I think you just have to see how it goes, and never rush into anything. Take one day at a time, you never know whats going to happen in your future. xxx


Hun Forr Suree - May 9

I am 14 and i am in love with the most wonderful guy. Iv known him everysince i was 3 and we have been going out for 2 years now we can talk about anything. We have expierenced everything together and my life has never been better


Gaby - May 9

I forgot to say that im 14.


Soph - May 10

I think it is very possible.


*** - May 11



eu - May 11

oh my god!


eu - May 11

too good to be forever it comes and goes



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