14 N Pregnant

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Beth - January 23

i'm 14 and i'm pregnant and i want to know if i can still go to school after giving birth or not


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Are you planning on keeping your child? If so, then that child is your responsability. Your parents took care of you, now do you expect them to take care of your child? If you want to continue going to school then I suggest adoption or abortion, if you want to keep your child then I guess school is a sacrafice you're going to have to make. I wouldn't make it.


carrie - January 23

There are special schools for moms that have babies or are pregnant and want to finish high school. Check into it in your area. You can actually take your baby with you so that you don't need daycare or a babysitter.


KM - January 23

mommy2kylie,she never said she expected her parents to raise her child.I chose to keep my son and I am still in school. if you are keeping your baby you need to sort out who will take care of him/her while you are in cla__s. If the father is not around or working, you will need to find a daycare. most places now, if you make an income which is below the poverty line ,will provide you with daycare a__sistance (pay your daycare) if you are a student.Some schools even have a daycare right within the school that is free for student moms. If not, you will have to work part time to pay for child care.


y - February 2

y would u wanna go school


DESIRE - February 2

YEA, like carrie said their are special schools for mother who are in hs pregnant, and want to continue their education until labor time is dued. Good Luck, and Keep your head up!


Anonymous - February 2

Hey I'm 15 and my girlfriend is 16 and shes a month pregnant. There is no reason for you to quit school. If you just talk to your counselor or someone at school then they will try to help you however they can. We have programs in our school so it might be a little easier but just talk to your counselor. ABORTION IS NOT THE ANSWER. Do not take an innocent life because of your mistake. I really hope you have the baby no matter how much you're being pressured. My grlfriends family said they will give her no support unless she has an abortion, they practically kicked her out but abortion is never the answer. Have your baby, life is precious.


to anonymous - February 2

she is only 14 , she cant do anithing for her baby and its just gonna ruin her life . Abortion is the answer


Beth - February 2

Thanks. But can i continue high school after giving birth or will they kick me out? I still want to go to school and will keep my baby no matter what.


Grandpa Viv - February 2

Most countries in the western world will encourage you to finish your education. Ask your guidance counselor at school what happens in your school district. Some places they have special programs with day care on site.


tay - February 2

Beth, you have a few options....1. Homeschool..i am homeschooled but i am not pregnant, its great! adn inexpensive, 2. Night school 3. quit school for a while until you child is old enough to be baby sat then go back to school and finsih you education...GOOD LUCK & LOTS OF LUV P.S Congradulations **tay**


Paige - February 7

if u want someone to talk to e mail me at [email protected] i would love to help with what ever i can.


Mommy - February 7

KM-Shes 14 years old, I doubt she has a job so who exactly would be raising that child then? I know she didn't say it, but its pretty obvious that if she doesn't have a job, or car, then who exactly will be taking that baby to and from appointments? I know she could be on welfare and all that "good" stuff, but is that going to buy cribs? Clothes? No, I think not.



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