14 Pregnant And Lost

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...... - May 21

Im 14 and theres two possible fathers for my baby..The problem is I have no idea because it was only a 2 day difference between them....I cheated on my boyfriend because i was mad, upset, and wanted to get back at him ....Well when He came home...We made up and Talked about having a family (which he already has 3 kids) We'll one of the two ended up getting me pregnant.. and I dont know which one.....Now The Ex-boyfriend has another girl Pregnant at the same time....and the other guys not aloud to talk to me because of his babys mom...... someone please what am i going to do...Its too late to get an abortion because im 5 months and i couldn't do that...?? HELP!!


Grandpa Viv - May 21

What kind of help are you looking for? You have two choices, adoption and keeping. What does your family say? I wouldn't be counting on either of those fellows. They wiil be far away by the time the baby is born. Good luck!


melissa - May 21

hello.I am going to tell you what I was told.There is nothing you can do out your best for that baby.You have noone but your self now.If this other guy has 3 children and doesnt have them full time chances are he wont want your either.There are places to get help all over the place.I wish I could help more.If you need any more help you can write me at michaelsmommy84@yahoo.com Good luck


el - May 21

hey hun..this is the best i can thing off...well id say dont get upset over it..when the baby is born u can get a dna test...so jsut tell both the guys thats what ur gona do..in if they r still b___hes about it to werry cause u still have u baby in he or she will always be there for u to put a smle on ur face if u nee to tlak more just email me lpcbabygurl805@hotmail.com


Cheryl - May 21

If you need to talk my e-mail is bctraveler2000@yahoo.com my husband and I are looking to adopt God Bless Cheryl


X - May 21

Email me at hotihotihothot@tmail.com....other than that. All you can do is decide between adoption and from there open or closed adoption. You can get this information from a Planned Parenthood near you (call 1800230PLAN). Or you can keep the baby, this option is pretty limited to just you. You need to make sure you can support all the needs of your baby without the father. You can go to court and test the paternity for child support (but this is tricky, if either of the could-be fathers are over 18, they can be charged with statutory rape). Contact me with any questions.


ellie - May 21

get a perternity test done.. tell the guy that isnt your bf wat has happened and get the test done.. its the only way of knowing for sure


Samona - May 22

Hi, you have several choices, but you need to for your health and your babies let your family know. Call me at 660-882-6202 (Missouri) if want to discuss adoption or other choices. I am looking to adopt. Good luck and God Bless. You can also email me at sjk4kemper@yahoo.com. Call or email friends are hard to find.



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