14 Pregnant And Need Help

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alana - February 27

hey im 14 and about 6wks pregnant.i feel like such a s___t and i dont no how to tell mi parents.they will kill me and i mean it they will.how did ur parents and friends react wen u told them???plz help me


layla - February 27

I had my first son at 15. My parents were very disappointed in me, but they supported me. Some of my friends thought it was cool to be pregnant so young and others looked down on me. It's a choice YOU made, and a choice YOU have to deal with. Good luck!


katie - February 27

its ok.im 14 to and im 24wks pregnant lol dont feel like a s___t cause ur not one ok.and ur parents wont kill u.they will be disappointed yes but they wont kill u.thts wat i thought to but weather they like it or not ur pregant and theres nothin they can do about it.wat r u thinkin off doin r u goin keep it or wat???


alana - February 27

i dont no yet.wat do u think???


katie - February 27

i dont no wats best for u but u hav 3 options.u can keep it and raise it.keep it and put it up 4 adoption or hav an abortion but personally i dnt believe in abortion but its totally up 2 u


alana - February 27

no i dont want to have an abortion but i dont no if im ready to b a mom and i hate the thought of giving my baby away


RE: Alana - February 27

adoption is not what it use to be. Youcan stay in touch with the family you choose to adopt the baby and you cam recieve pictures and watch your child grow up. If you want to talk email me [email protected]


katie - February 27

im sure if u really wanted u wud make a fine mom but its totally ur choice.like my parents wanted me to hav a abortion but i told them no and tht is was my body and my life and they had to live wit tht and they hav now come round to the idea but im sure watever choice u make it will b the rite one


alana - February 27

yeah no i no wat i want to do now. i want to keep the baby and raise it but im scared and thanks for all ur help katie


katie - February 27

no problem jst glad i cud help but if u ever need to talk i will b here and tht goes for anyone


alana - February 27

ok thanks


Audrey - February 27

Alana- I hope you make the right decision for yourself and your baby. Having a baby at your age would mean you'll have a very hard time finishing school and taking care of the baby at the same time. Does the baby's father want to have anything to do with it? Will your family support you if you keep it? These are questions that should be answered. Best of luck!


Julia - February 28

Alana, you need to give your parents a chance......they might be upset at first...but most learn to cope with it. Then they learn to love the baby. Give them a chance. As far as what you will do with baby............if mom nad dad learn to cope they will probably help you more than you expect. What ever decision you make is totally up to YOU and ONLY YOU !!!!! That si YOUR baby growing inside you and only YOU know yourself and what you feel. Do not let ANYONE tell you what you HAVE to do. I am not saying that raising a child is easy, because its not it will be the hardest thing you will ever accomplish in your life..........but worth every tear, every moment you feel you cant go on and worth every second of pain and hurt!!!! You can email me anytime [email protected]


maya - February 28

u should keep ur baby. my brother didn't tell my mom until the baby was 2 weeks old(already born) she wasn't mad. i'm sure ur parents mite be dissapointed but they will u and ur baby anyway. have u been 2 the doctores yet? and ur not a s___t


Marissa - February 28

You need to tell ur parents soon. When i found out that i was pregnant i dident tell my parents until i was 1 month..because i just wanted to get it out da way ya knoe. Hun the sooner you tell them you will feel much better. trust me hun you'll be okay. good luck :)


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

Well I am sorry that I cannot relate to that age, and I had already been living on my own for 3 and a half years, our parents were worried but very understanding. If you let them know that you are scared and really need their suport and love, they will understand! Many many people are in your position right now, and even worse! There are 11 year olds out here that are just as scared if not more! If you can not take care of this child there are many loving, careing, great people out there that can't have children, and they are adoption agencies that have a yearly checkup with your child and adoptive parents! What you need to do is get your education, so that you can financially suport your child, even if that means to stay at home and do it while baby naps! I dropped out of school when I was 15 and moved out on my own with a man who is now my husband, but as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I went and got my diploma online, and now I have a home business, a house, and 2 vehicles, and everything I need. As long as you love your child and will do anything for this child, you have nothing to worry about! Just be open with your parents, and I know it's easier said then done, but trust me you need to tell them youself before anyone else tells them, that will just worsen your situation! Good luck! If you need to talk ever e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck I know you can do it! :)


Paige - March 10

it's ok. u r not a s___t. and ur parents can't kill u. may be disappointed but won't kill u. and i saw that u wanted to keep the baby but are scared. if u want to keep the baby and that is what u really want to do then do it. If u think it over and then don't well that is ur choice. Whatever u choose will be the best choice because u knew it will be. If u want to u can e-mail me at [email protected] And remember what ever u choose is the right decision.



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