14 Year Old Sex With Expired Condom

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yeahthissucks - May 31

So with all judgement aside, I just lost my virginity this weekend. I woke up to realize that the condom was a year over the expiration date. To my knowledge, which isn't that great because I was wasted, the condom didn't break and I don't think either one of us "came", and even if he did, I think he pulled out. But I'm still ultimately afraid of what is going to happen because I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to tell my mother I lost my virginity and got pregnant and deal with all the drama and discipline. I made a mistake, I get it. I just don't want this happening to me right now. My question, though, is...do you think I could be pregnant? How much should I worry?


Grandpa Viv - June 2

The chances of pregnancy are slim. When is your next menstruation due - the egg comes two weeks before menstruation, and is only good for one day. You will be having s_x again, don't deny it. Please buy your own condoms and approved lubricant, learn how to put thm on him as part of foreplay, and make sure a new one gets used for every penetration. Learn about the "fertile window" and go to the movies on those nights, instead. Good luck!


yeahthissucks - June 3

My period is really irregular, but I started bleeding yesterday morning. Then it just stopped and I didn't even really start spotting or anything...I don't know if that was my period or what, though.


Grandpa Viv - June 3

An irregular period makes it difficult to estimate the chances. Your mini bleed might be implantation spotting, or it might just be your hymen complaining about the abuse. If you are getting pregnant, you might well experience some early pregnancy signs in the next seven days, but you should wait until June 11th before thinking to test. Please take this opportunity to think about the life-style you are choosing. Getting wasted and risking pregnancy at your age are actions that could affect your entire life negatively. There are other ways of expressing the rebellious years.


yeahthissucks - June 3

Alright, I will. Thank you.



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