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princessAG - July 6

Okay chickas. We are mostly all teenagers here or older teens. there IS a possibilty that I may be pregnant. Right about now I should be gettin my period or should have gotten it according to last month. But anyway, in the beginnin of this month I had very light spotting..lasted about 2 days, some pink dishcharge and then it went to brown. It stayed brown for a while with some bleeding. Now its time for my period to come and its small amounts but very wet and runny. Is this a sign? according to the internet i am somewhere aroun 6 and 7 weeks.I have been having sharp pains in my lower left and right sides..can any of you tell me some things that went on around this time in ur pregnancy just so i can have an idea of whats going on cause its not that easy for me to just walk out and get a pregnancy test.Thank you so much and sorry for writing a book.


lilmomma88 - July 6

When did you have s_x? Some of your symptoms (mainly the spotting) do sound like early pregnancy. I know it can be hard to get a pregnancy test when you don't want your parents to find out, but if you are pregnant you need to know as soon as possible so you can get prenatal care. It is very important in the first trimester (its important throughout the pregnancy, but you are more likely to miscarraige in the first trimester) Also, you never know, your parents could be more helpful than you think, mine were. Good luck, and if your not pregnant, be more careful next time..(i'm not being mean, its just really hard to take care of a baby...im 17 and just had my son last week, and let me tell you, i've never done anything this hard before in my life)


MaMa 2 B - July 6

i never had spotting or not yet at least....but i did have sharp pains like that and my bf took me to the dr and that is how i found out i was pregnant and they said it was stretchin of my ligaments...but your best bet is to go to a planned parenthood...due to the fact that its totally confidential u dont have to have a parent and its free....i'm 15 also and very scared but be strong!


princessAG - July 6

thnk you so much. congrats on ur son..i had s_x june 5th...thought i was gettin mah period on the 9th but it onli lasted bout a day and a half and was extremely light. and then had some bleeding later on but nothing long lasting..so im just confused. and on the other forums its mostly adults and all they say is well you shouldnt be having s_x. and i obviously cant change that now so i was just trying to figure out what were some of the symptoms of people around my age in their early pregnancy. i mean i have some bloating.. not like fat though [ which makes me more confused ] its liek at the rim of my bottom of my belly botton its goes out and then slants down .. i dont know. im so lost. but thank you so much for responding.


MaMa 2 B - July 6

bloating could b a sign of either your period or bein pregnant...i started to get really bloated and thought i was gettin my period only to find out that i was pregnant....well i hope all goes well for you! and just hang in there...and like lilmomma said your parents could b very supportive just hope for the best and take care!


KrystalWiddaKay - July 6

Well I'm 8 weeks today and I have a pain in my right side all the time,because I have a cyst on my right ovary. I never/don't have any discharge.I'm sick as a dog though.You should tell your mom or an older adult and ask them to go to the dr. with you.


princessAG - July 6

Thank you so much .. i actually try to tel my mom about these symptoms because shes a nurse but she just brushes it off cause shes not really comfortable talking about it so .yea. has anyone have numbness. for some reason i sometimes get tingling like in my back.just a thought..


lilmomma88 - July 6

Hey..thanks for the congrats..hes awesome i love him...like i said it is possible for you to be pregnant, but girl you really need to find out soon! The pains can be your uterus stretching, or like Mama 2 B said, you ligaments stretching (thats one of the most painful parts of pregnancy)...does your state/county have free health clinics? if so you can go there and get an accurate pregnancy test for free


princessAG - July 6

yea im trying to go to the mall todaii and ryte across from there is a wal mart [ been grounded forever..sounds so young.lol] but im going to go with my boyfriend .. who has money so he can buy me one and then i will def. update you wheneva i find out.


MaMa 2 B - July 6

Good luck hun!! i hope everything works out for ya!


midelis - July 10

okay, princessAG that mainly sound more likely that u are pregnant all of those symptoms that u are meantioning sound preety much that u are pregnant ..but i still think that u should do a pregnancy test as soon as possible ok.. good luck MIDELIS DEL REAL :O)


princessAG - July 10

wel i did. and the one came out negative and the other came out with the two lines but they didnt get darker so im guesin it was invalid. so yea. but thnk yu


midelis - July 11

ohh well i'm glad u did a test watch out chica lol see u laterz ..Midelis del real"0)


Joelle - July 16

does matter if the other line is lighten as long as you can see two lines it means you are pregnant happend to me and i was pregnant and still am


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 16

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I took my pregnancy tests.... a bunch came out negative.... and then I took another one like a couple weeks later and it came out with TWO lines except one was really faint. A nurse told me that when one of the lines is lighter than the other than you are very early in your pregnancy, and when the other line is real dark it means you're a ways in your pregnancy. I dunno... she could've been wrong but it sounds right to me :]


tealtater - July 16

I'm 15 as well and Im about the same time as you are right now if I am actually pregnant (test came back postive... only able to do one though... used the other a few weeks earlier) and I had the sharp pains you're talking about, though no spotting.... So, I'm not really sure.. are you showing other signs??? and nah, the darkness or lightness of line on the test doesn't matter, which the instructions say.... so good luck with everything.



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