15 Am I Pregnant

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:) - March 3

ive been wanting 2 get pregnant 4 a while and the last few times me and my bf have had s_x ive put a few holes in the condoms and then bout 10 mins after we have had s_x when he had gone ive been emptying the c_m in the condom on2 my hand and putting it up me could i be pregnant


Reba - March 3

I'm sorry you feel the need to decieve your boyfriend...that's really sad. There is a very real possiblity that you could be pg. I would advise against continuing to do this...you'll only hurt yourself. And your relationship with your boyfriend.


:) - March 3

yh i dont wanna hurt him or anything just he dont want kids and i feel that i want one cause part of me is missing without one


armando - March 3



:) - March 3

so do u think i could well be pregnant cause this was 1 day after my period and wont the sperm be dead by the time i did that


Kayleigh - March 3

Maybe your PG but i doubt it because after 5 min. the spermcide has killed about 90% of the sperm. I hope for you.


OMG - March 4

Ok girl, you are pretty stupid for doing this. First you are lying and tricking you bf into getting you pregnant (that is going to be such a good story to tell people how your baby was concieved). Also a part of you is missing? You may feel that way now, but seriously hunny, your only 15! There is so much more for you to experiance before you have a baby. Don't you wanna graduate from high schoo, get your license, go to prom, go shopping with your gf's? You may feel as though you got it all figured out...but it isn't always going to work out. How are you going to support this baby? Do you even know how much a baby costs? Think diapers, formula, clothes, car seats, cribs, strollers, balnkets, food, medicine etc. Wouldn't you rather have a baby when you can afford to decorate a beautiful room for him/her. When you can buy cute clothes for them. When you don't have to worry every day about how you are going to raise it properly. Just think about that and I hope it changes your mind!


tyi - March 4

yes you can get pregnant.


April - March 4

hey hun. I'm sorry but i agree... what the hell? Why would you seriously do this? I'm sorry but thats sad. If you want to get preg. why do u use a condom? Okay wow- your 15... weird!!



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