15 And Had Twins 3weeks Ago

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Kim - December 5

Awhile ago i posted that i was pregnant with twins.Well 3weeks ago i gave birth too Two very healthy boys.but now i really need help i dont think i can take care of them.please help me


Ami - December 5

Hey Kim its me Ami email or im me sumtime and we can talk love ya


Adult Wife - December 6

Hi, I had my first child when I was a teen,I'm now 28 and married. If you need help or just to talk to an adult you can e-mail me,I'd be happy to be a big Sis for you. [email protected]


Hilary - December 6



Taylor - December 6

Hey "Kay" I dont think that is very nice of you calling Kim a Slut because she is not one and you need too shut your freakin mouth


Gross - December 6

how can u guys be so mean


Jenny - December 6

Hey Kim im 17 and i also gave birth too twins 2months ago.Whats your email so i can talk to you


Jenny - December 6

Hey everyone thank you for posting stuff.if you wanna email my email is [email protected] please email if you can help and if you were wondering the guy that fathers my twins his name is alex and i do hate him cause he an out on me and got some other girl preg he actually stayed with here but please email me i really need your help


Kim - December 6

That last message i posted was to Jenny and anyone else who cares.i messed up on some of the words.and acendentlly put Jennys name in the wrong place i hope you guys dont mind


mmm - December 6

yeah I believe you...


to mmm - December 6

What do u mean u believe me


Alexa - December 6

Hey listen Kim im really sorry for everthing this guy has done 2 u and i will be emailing you soon


Kim - December 6

Hey Alex im just trying to get some help because you wont give me any support and hopefully you dont dump your girlfriend after you get her preg


Alexa - December 6

I wish you people on here would stop calling her names she has feelings too.So please stop or i will report you in and they will find you


Helena - December 6

Hi my name is Helena.i recently found out i was preg with twins and now my mum kicked me out can u help me kim


Dont Worry be happy - December 6

Dont worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont Worry Be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!Dont worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont Worry be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erica - December 6

Hey Kim im here to help you i will email u!!!!!!!!Dont worry be happy



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