15 And I Think Im Pregnant

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Brittany - February 14

im 15 and me and my boy freind had s_x on Febuary 9 and my last period was January 25..i havent missed my period yet so im not 100% sure that im pregnant but its like i KNOW that i am..i cant explain it but i have a weird feeling.I have been looking up websites and it says i ovualted on the 10th and we had s_x on the 9th late at night..so practically the 10th..i was just wondering if any one could help me out and tell me what they think and what are my chances of being pregnant!i actually would be pretty happy..my best friend has a baby and her babys father isnt there and shes doing just fine..and my babys father would be there..i mean we have been together for 2 years and he wants a baby and he has a very good job and he is very responsible but thanks for your time and tell me what ya think


MELISSA - February 16

My suggestion would be to buy a pregnancy test. See what it says if you are still not comfortable and you are afraid to tell your parents you should be able to go to the health dept. to get check out and they won't tell your parents. Good luck to you.


Kris - February 16

Just some friendly input, one of my best friends was 15 when she gave birth, she had to give up a lot to raise her son. I'd suggest if you're not on BC talk to your local health centre and try to get on some. You can loose a lot of ur life getting pregnant at 15. I myself am 19, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We're still not ready for a kid, there is still so much we want to accomplish in life. I'd suggest think about the risks seriously. There is still the rest of highschool and college or university ahead of you. I hope I didn't sound harsh there. I'd say if you ovulated around that date it'd be a good idea to test after a missed period. Hope everything turns out the way you want.



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