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Loving Life - February 4

hey people. this is kind of embarrassing but i need to know it before i start stressing it. ok me and my boyfriend always have unprotected s_x but lucky me i havent gotten pregnant.well yesterday we had s_x and he almost c_m inside of me he pulled out and c_med all over my vigina and around the inside then he fingered me right there in the moment. wat are the chances of me getting pregnant??,my period is due like in 3 days.will i get it ???


Grandpa Viv - February 4

If your period is right regular and this happened a few days before, you are not likely to get pregnant. The egg is released 12 to 16 days before your period, and it is only good for a day or two. However, you are pushing your luck. If you want to stay unpregnant, you had better but some condoms and put them on him before you let him near ever again. It would also be agood idea to buy v____al spermicide and use that as a backup, or get on the pill. If not, you will be pregnant within a year. Good luck!


KatieJ - February 5

Hello, the same thing happened to me. Most likly you will not be pregnant, but the chance is still there. When ever c_m comes anywhere around that area there is a chance. Espically if it was pushed inside you. Just wait until you are supposed to get your period...if it seems like it is gettin unsually late, then get a home pregnancy test. And my advice to you is...luck runs out sometimes. I mean i went 8 months with unprotected s_x, when finally i lost my luck, and i am only 16 years old at the moment. Good luck, i hope everything works out for you.


Loving Life - February 5

thank you. that really helps im planing to get on the pill


TeenMommyNicki - February 5

Chances are you aren't pregnant like the others have said, but Grandpa Viv isn't completely correct about the egg thing. Not all girls are like that. General ovulation occurs 12-16 days before your period, but some girls will ovulate sooner or later then that. If you've had symptoms of pregnancy, or you do happen to be late on your period, I would test to be sure.



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