15 And Preg Can U Hav Sex When Ur Preg

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audri - September 24

Can u have s_x when u are a month or so pregnant? kuz me and mi boifrind were having s_x and right after i has a little bit of blood. not dark or anything juss a light pink. like a few spots. we havnt had s_x in a few weeks. so its the first time scince we found out im preg. does that i misscarried or juss from having s_x. kuz when we used to have s_x before it's do the same thing. write me bak what u tihnk. thanx-audri


amy - September 30

if u dont know the answer to that then u shouldnt have done it in the first place im 15 and i knew that b/f o did n-e-thing


Jen - October 3

It is totally safe to have s_x while pregnant. As long as you don't have a high risk pregnancy. Enjoy it while you can because once the baby comes, there won't be much time for the two of you.


tiff - October 3

it is fine to have s_x during pregnancy as long a s your doctor doesn't say other wise


look - October 3

i would checkl out the mild bleeding with your doctor before carrying on with s_x, if he says its fine then its ok, if not you will have to restrain. you dont sound like you have miscarried, maybe you just were a little to harsh with eachothers bodies.


hannah - October 6

i think its a stupid idea to even be having s_x at 15, i can hardly talk but especially not if ur preggers. if he's gonna disrespect you then moveon girl


!!!!!! - October 6

she didnt say that he was disrispecting her did she!!!


GUcheerleder - October 6

yes, You can have s_x and be pregnant, It's a matter of how often to much could cause some problems but it is ok. You didn't miscarrie its just from having s_x.


honest - October 9

See, for the last two comments this is what i am talking about. We REALLY do not need your rude comments on this site. I am pregnant and in love with my man and me and him continue to be active with each other. Do i go around having s_x with every guy that pa__ses my way? NO! and i seriously doubt that that is the rate that Audir is going as well, if she is talking about having s_x with her BOYFREIND! so for your loosers that are writing this rude comments, get a hobby for your pathetic lifes!


me - October 9

sorry i wasnt talking to audri, i was talking to "a guy" who has been saying c___p like that to everyone on here.


severely unimpressed - October 10

its illegal to have s_x under the age of 16. for a reason!


Kat - October 10

Hi. It's perfectly safe, and it's normal to have some slight spotting after s_x, as your cervix is (more swollen? Engorged with blood? I don't know the technical reason, but it's something to do with your cervix). If you're worried though, give your doctor a shout to out your mind at rest xxx


hi - October 10

Severely unimpressed, it is illegal in the UK, where I live it is not illegal as long as they are both minors. Audri where do you live?


sm - October 11

It is safe to have s_x when pregnant though sometimes there will be spotting afterwards. I am really old and pregnant just checked in here as my niece who got pregnant at 15 (now 16)recently had a beautiful baby boy... were a few problems as she let it go past due date and need emergency caesarian, guess she should have listened to her mum and gone in and been induced on her due date, being young doesn't free you from possible problems during birth, so any young girls pregnant take care to go in for all prenatal appointments.... also because of her age and that babies take a lot of work she put the baby straight on to the bottle so her mum and boyfriend can take on some of the load. Boyfriend is really nice and feeds baby while she has a sleep. After the initial shock to the family all has worked out well.


sm - October 11

this is a ps to the people who make rude posts... my niece is not a s___t and has only slept with her boyfriend. They have an ongoing relationship and though i would not recommend them to rush into marriage (though my 50 yo brother met his wife of 30 years when she was 14) i think that they will make a go of it.


sm - October 11

Last post from me on this thread, though it has turned out ok for my niece, anyone actually planning to get pregnant at this young age, please reconsider. My niece said if she had know how hard it was going to be (and losing her friends as their families did not want her in their daughters lives) she would have taken precautions instead of thinking 'it won't happen to me' (they only did the deed twice.... and really it only takes once when you are so young).



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