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me - January 28

im 15 and pregnant how do i tell my parents


Jackie - January 28

Well, I'm 17 years old and I didnt really tell my mom, I went to the doctors because i thought I had a stomach virus, then the doc. came in and said, YOUR PREGNANT, so thats when my mom founbd out....I think the mature thing to do is Get you mom first at a time when you and her are alone, Then tell her you need to tell her something....Then, In a MATURE sounding voice, tell her your pregnant, and that you decided to tell her first because you trust her the most...Then tell her you DO want to tell your dad and she will definately help you out... GOOD LUCK TO YOU and throughout your pregnancy


becca - January 28

heyhey im 15 2 n i found it reli hard 2 tell them but wen i did they were great they sed they would suport me wat eva but u do have to tell them and soon coz they will be able to help u


Hi - January 28

There really isn't an easy way, because it is nerve wrecking, but you do have to tell them. Just be calm and strong and tell them. They may be angry then eventually get over i and support you because they love you.


Paige - February 7

U have probably already told your mom but if u would like to talk e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk. I would love to help with what ever i can.


aprilkoch - February 15

im 15 and im pregant and wonder what to do and im scared i dont abortion and my boyfriend karl really scared to but he said take good care of it and my date is due in october


chyna - February 18

another way that can help you is to write a letter


Brigett - March 11

I am 15 and pregnant and i am due April 20, 2005 and i dont live with my mom i live with my Boyfriend and my mom doesnt want me to keep my baby she wants me to get rid of her but i know that know i am having a baby it is gonna make me realize something i have something in this world to look forword to i am going to graducate school for my baby and my boyfriend and he knows that i can do you so you know what tell your mom straight up that you are pregnant and if she wants you to get an abortation tell her no i want to keep this baby for me not you.


kimberly - August 1

well im 15 and about 5 weeks pregnant i been pregnant once befor but i had an a abortion ,not for me but for everyone else ,this time me and my boyfriend really wants to keep it and we are but i dont know how to tell my mom last time she was upset with me because i told her when i was 5months pregnant but this is a different sitution,but one good thing is that my boyfriend is older so we can get our own place and stuff like that but im scared so could someone give me some advice please.or you can hit me up at [email protected]


amy - August 1

im 15 and im pregnant, i just blurted it out to my mom so yeah, just tell your parents....or go to a counselor or something and maybe they can help you


mary - August 24

hey 15 and im pregnant to its hard to tell parents but when you do you will fill more better cause i noe i did when my mom and dad new ya the will yell just let then because hopefuly everything will be ok just site them down and tell then k hope i help you good luck


Ashly - September 8

I didnt tell my parents my ex boyfriend did because he got mad at me


flyboy - September 9

Im in the same predicament that your in right now. just go to them and be yourself and let them know. there your parents... evntually itll sink in and there going to do all they can do for you and your baby. 3 stars.


alma - September 9

i really dnt know but atfer u should tell now cuz it might to late.thats what my cuzen did in all they did was fuse for oneday



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