15 And Pregnant

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[email protected] - August 30

I'm 15 and pregnant. The father is willing to be responsible but I'm affraid he'll get sent to jail since he's 20 and over 18 . What do I do?


tricia - April 7

Well I will tell you one thing:now you have to grow up and a__sume the grown up duty of parenthood.I will pray for you to find the answer you seek.Just remember Jesus loves you.


Caitlin - April 7

I will tell you. The father might say he will be responsible. But don't trust till you know after the baby is born he might run. My boyfriendand and I are not in thay problem you but we want kids. jusy stay calm and think of the babay


candy - April 7



coco - April 12

well im 15 and might be pregnant in the same situation so i can tell you the same thing im going to do my babydaddy got his own house so imma live with him but if yours doesn't lie about his age


britney - April 15

DANG, yo thats seriouse . I dont know what 2 tell ya . BUT I will pray 4 u.


unknown - April 20

if you are over 18 what are you worried about?


brittany - April 20

if you are over 18 what are you worried about?


charlamaine - May 2

if you consented there isnt that much anyone can do unless you parents want to press charges.my cousin is soon to be 20 and his wife was just 14 when they found out she was pregnant and she had her when she was 15 their baby girl is 1 mo. old now and they could not be any happier.


Birdy aka Jasmine - May 4

Well my boyfriend is 22 I'm 15 I'll be 16 on the 25 of september, I want to have a baby but scared he'll go to jail but I just think if I do get pregnant I'm going to tell them that i don't know who the father is so then you and the person can still be together


Becca - May 11

I don't know what to tell you b-cuz I am int he same position i am 15 and he is 20 so hopefully everything worked out


Becca - May 11

I dont know really i am in da same postion you are!!!!


dani89 - May 11

im 15 and 3 months pregnant ,the father is willing to be responsible also but he's 16 not 20.I also have a 16 year old friend whom is pregnant by a 23 year old and that's what she's worried about with her parents.Convince your parents that it would be wrong if they put im in jail because then the baby will not have his real father while growing up.


Rosie - May 16

well my boyfriend is 18 and im 16 and 3 months pregant so if u have any suggestions or want to talk e-mail me at [email protected]


Cory - May 16

I am kinda in the same position as you. Im 14 and pregnet but my boyfriend is 14 too. And im real scared. The only thing u can do is talk to ur parents about if they send him to jail, the baby would not have a father, and the baby should have a father. It's not goin to make any sense if they send him to jail.


Gina - May 17

I think you should...come out, grow up cause now you about to be a mama....you and the guy can work things about the pregnacy...if your women enough to get pregnent be women enough to be a mother....


ann-marie - May 21

well this should not have happen to you at this age, but it's here already so eat right, think positive and pray God is the master of all our plans and situations he will take care of you both.



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