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eliztrip_pregnant? - March 9

I am 15 years old i and i have 3 friends that are pregnant and i might make it 4 i know that i am young but.... I have an 18 year old boyfriend who is very sweet kind and very cute we have been together for 4 months now and i might be pregnant what do i do i was on the birth control pill for about 5 months and i stopped taking them about 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend have been s_xually active since then i know i am stupid but i am so in love with him he is like no other 18 year old out there one night while i was not taking the pill we had s_x he spermed in me i know that sounds funny but how else could i put it? well anyway we had s_x and he went in me and the next day i guess i started my period but it didnt last but 2and a half days i need help on what to do if i am pregnant or if i should keep trying i know taking care of a baby is not easy i am for sure i can do it ihave a lot of family who will help me and i know my bf will to i just need some advice PLEASE HELP!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 9

When you come off the pill there is no telling when your cycle will get regular again. There is a good chance you are not pregnant now, and if you are wise you will make sure you stay that way until you and the boyfriend are old enough to know that the relationaship is for keeps. That would be when he has a job, a roof over his head, and you both have finished your education. Good luck!


lunamoo - March 10

Well dear, if you have a great (and cute to boot!) caring bf and a lot of family who will help you, then why on heck do you ask for advice from complete strangers on.line!?! You seem to have it all sorted by your 15 year old self! You want to get pregnant, you are trying, you stopped talking the pill, now do the rest on you own big girl!!!


lil-miss-saunders - March 10

You have only been together 4 months, you couldnt possibly know each other fully, you cant tell that you are going to be together for the rest of your lives and you shouldnt be trying for a baby because your mates are! Im not trying to put you down i just really want you to think hard about what you are doing! What if your baby had disabilities .... could you deal with that at 15? What if you suffered a miscarriage .... could you deal with that at 15? What about all of the stretch marks, morning sickness, sore b___bs, mood swings, doctors visits, lack of sleep, nappies, sick?? Could you deal with all that .... thats not even going into the financial side of things! Yes, when you have a baby its nice to have people to help you but you shouldnt rely on your family to do it for you! Just please please please think seriously hard about this ....


moescrilla - March 10

you need to wait until YOU AND HIM can be financially responsible for that baby and not your family. Have you talked to your parents about this? Are they ok with it? Girl you are young - You have allot of partying to do and school to finish. You dont want to miss the best years of your life because you have a baby to take care of. Think about it. You dont want to put that burden on your family either. Its your choice to have a baby, not theirs. Thats something you discuss with them.


lunamoo - March 10

My God, you have just posted on a bunch of threads how you want so badly to get pregnant and therefore have been having unprotected s_x a lot the last 3 weeks...I can not believe you come here asking complete strangers for advice on "what to do if you are pregnant" ,,,Anyway my advice is: Pray that you are not pregnant and to GROW UP!!! You are selfish and immature and SO NOT READY to be a responsible mother a baby deserves. What would your mom say if she read this post of yours!?!?!


babyonboard16 - March 10

I'm 16 with an 18 year old boyfriend, and we weren't trying for this baby, BE SMART, you don't even know the correct terms for him EJACULATING, so why the hell are you TRYING to get pregnant? If you are look forward to heartburn bladder kicks and a lot more discomfort:-)


Skyeblue - March 11

Why is she trying for a baby...? Cuz she is just like lunamoo said, selfish, immature. She didn't even ask her mom and dad first if they wanted to raise another child at this point in her life, so I might add she is thoughtless as well.



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