15 And Pregnant

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i_am_so_excited - January 15

hi, i am 15 years old i am pregnant i only found out like an hour ago. i dont really no what to feel. i am just shocked, scared, excited, angry, happy, sad. i am only 4 weeks 4 days pregnant i am due septemer 20th. my mum is going to hate me ! please help i am so scared i know nothing about babies or pregnancy. i have never even held a baby before ! i only found out i was pregnant because i went to the doctors to go on the pill and he said that i should have a pregnancy test first


maryl14 - January 15

does your mom know you were s_xually active? and all those emotions are normal for a young girl to feel and dont worry it will all come to you motherhood is something learned not born with you learn as you go and you never know your mom might be more helpful then your thinking she will be good luck sweetie


Monroe - January 15

Its okay. You need to tell your parents and the father. Your mom will probably not hate you, thats what just about every teenager thinks when they have to tell them something like this, but you never know, she might be very understanding. Good luck


sarahsteele - January 15

your mom wont hate u honey, she will just be really scared becasue her baby is going to have a baby!! u just really need to sit down and try to talk calmly and rationally with your parents, if they start to yell or something, just say that you want to talk calmly because its going to be easier to let everything out and discuss all the options, also you need to tell the father if thats possible, and you too need to discuss all your options adoption, abortion, keeping the baby. you just need to know that we've all been through telling our parents and once the anger or disapointment wears off you will probably end up with some doting grandparents for your child if you chose to keep it.


babyonboard16 - January 15

your mom wont hate you i promise and trust me you will learn i didnt know mjuch about pregnancy just get some books from the library and information online and when it comes to babies im sure your mom will help


i_am_so_excited - January 16

i am so happy i cant wait my boyfriend is over the moon he is so happy :) my parents are great they are letting my boyfriend move in he is 15 aswell i am so happy


babii_boo91 - January 16

WOW hunn lol well congrats and ihope all goes well if you wanna talk email me at perfect_innocent_angel69 at yahoo


AbbiesMummyEm - January 17

Hmm you've got a lot to learn


hailey07 - January 18

Those feelings are completely normal. I found out I was pregnant at 19 and I felt the exact same way. Luckily my partner and I had been together for quite a while and he was extrememly supportive. You need to decide what you wish to do with this pregnancy and talk with the father of your baby. I think you'll find you may have more support than you expect.


rl- - January 18

i am sorry but your only 15 and your happy????...do you know what your getting into????? and your boyfriend is over the moon???...you know I hate to burst your happy bubble but just wait and see how over the moon your boyfriend is when all his friends are going out and having fun and he is stuck with you and a baby I bet he does not stick around very long sorry to have to break this to you I rather doubt your gonna believe me though but you will see and since your boyfriend enjoys s_x and now that your prego wait and see how much you want s_x it won't be much so your over the moon boyfriend is gonna find a not prego girl to have his fun with but good luck anyways you have a long hard road ahead of you and you don't have a clue your poor child I really feel bad for you and I am not trying to be mean and I am sure you don't want to hear about how life is really gonna be you will continue to live in your dream world til reality comes around and smacks ya in the face.... I am really sorry. but I wish you luck and happiness!!! TAke care now


Brandi - January 19

Not to be mean, but I agree with rl. I don't want to discourage you, but I just don't want other girls to read this and think having a baby at that age is a wise decision. Babies should not have babies. It's not good for anyone. But I'm glad that you two are happy and you're not one of those stupid a__s girls that would throw their baby away to go to prom or something. And just remember you can do it, but it won't be easy. And trust me, don't have any more till you are really ready. It's easy to keep poppin them out after the first one, but don't!


ILOVEMYBABY - January 19

So rl-, just to let you know... that's not what happens to EVERY pregnant teen and their boyfriends. My boyfriend has stuck by me the whole time. No s_x, nothing and I told him I don't want to have s_x until I am married now and guess what... he's still there. I am fifteen, he is sixteen and we are waiting for our baby to come any day now. [I'm due in a week] So stop saying stuff that is SO stereotypical. Teen girls and boys can take care of a child just like any other parent [depends on how mature they are]. Are we not supposed to be happy about our child on it's way and non- teen parents can be? I'd have to disagree.


taraleej - January 19

well let me tell you...your in for a big shock...its very hard to raise a baby at a young age because you miss out on alot of things like partying!!! and hanging out wit ur friends..but there are happy times of course..it will all come to you dont worry! as for your boyfriend, hope hes more of a man then mine was lol he left after 6 mths he couldnt handle it haha hes a loser and now i have an awesome boyfriend that helps me alot and my boy is 5 now!!! I was 18 when i had him...but anyway...good luck you will be a great mom im sure...take care of yourself and get all the sleep u can in the next 8 mths ahha cuz it will come to an end shortly!!


babyonboard16 - January 19

rl- wow youre just rude huh? my boyfriend is 18 and im 16 and ive not been allowed to have s_x the whole time, im now 6 and a half months pregnant and hes still here quit judging, getover yourself okay?


EricaLynn - January 19

This is probably irrelevent, but how old are you RL? And what grade are you in? I wouldnt be preaching to some one who is 15 and going to be a mom, you wrote an entire paragraph and never made a complete sentance! It gave me a headache just reading your post! Its normal to be happy and extatic at first. Becoming parents is exciting. Its hard too though. Dont expect fun and games, but dont expect your man to leave either. He might, but dads of all ages cop out, it has nothing to do with him being 15. I hope that he has the integrity to stick around, good luck to the both of you.


crombiiex3babiie - January 20

aww, congrats hunn! I wish me & my boyfriend could be as happyy about it as you& yours are. Well I wish you the best of luck! ttyl


YoungLove - January 23

I'm 18 and pregnant. I waited until I was about 3 months along to tell my mom, and she flipped out on me. It's not the best feeling in the world. The best thing that you can do is let her know, and hope for the best. If she loves you, she'll help you, even if she doesn't approve. As for finding out about babies... You can ask your doctor questions until you pa__s out. an OBGYN has -all- the answers... and for things you don't want to ask in person... ask on a forum like this, or just look it up in google. You'll need a lot of money for a baby. It's shocking how many diapers they go through! If you can't get help from family, see about being put on welfare. Foodstamps are a great resource for a pregnant woman, too. Pregnancy is hard. It hurts. It's tiring.... but the end product is beautiful.



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