15 And Pregnant Question About Stretch Marks

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cyndrz632 - February 24

Hi...im like 22 weeks pregnant and i have stretch marks now...what can i do/use to get rid of these stretch marks or reduce them greatly???


maren - February 25

well there is nothing you can do to redue the stretch marks you have now except give them time. Well hydrated skin stretches better than dry skin, so make sure your getting enough water in your diet, and posible make sure your skin is moist. You probably will get more stretch marks but hydrated skin or hydrated anything for that matter stretches better. There is no way to get rid of them but over time they should fade.


Lillie E - February 25

if you have them, chances of getting rid of them are slim. i didn't have any stretch marks threw out my entire pregnancy. i used that palmers stuff for the first 6 or 7 months, then switched to extra virgin olive oil. my only problem is i didn't put the oil on after i had my son. i ended up gettin really light ones, but you can barely see them, specially after i tan. i think the only way to actually get rid of them is cosmetic surgery....


clare - March 10

there is actually something that will help you. coco b___ter ma__sage lotion for stretch marks im only 14 wks gone so im putting it on to stop gettin but i had some on my hips from growing i used it on those and they are no more give it a go. it costs about £7 i think but its good stuff u should be able to get it from any good heakthcare shop. x


Jamie-Lee - March 10

Clare is right.I use Palmer's coco b___ter and it works sooo good,plus it smells good hehe.


june-mommy-06 - March 10

hi im 28 weeks pregnant i had stretchmark on my thighs before i got pregnant but recently i have seen them coming on my bottom of my back plus i have thm all over my b___bs i had to go to the doctors because the started getting really deep an pain full she gave me this cream called dakratin which is helpin the pain but it is also making thm fade aswell...


Corrine321 - March 11

I'm 25 weeks and I havent got any stretchmarks at all... I'm showing quite a bit! and I am using Palmers Cocoa B___ter stuff.... it works very well!!


princessinpink01 - March 12

ive heard cocoa b___ter is good


clare - March 12

i agree jamie lee it smells great im also using baby oil that helps too. hows everyone doin? i had a scare on thursday night started losing blood so i got taken to a&e they did loads of testsd and stuff to make sure bumps ok everything turned out fine and i had a scan the first one~!! was so happy to see it my minds at ease now lol found out im 15 weeks 2 so now i have a better idea of whats goin on. xx


Jamie-Lee - March 12

Well I'm sick with a cold/pregnancy sickness.I was throwing up this morning at 2 and I just feel like c___p.How's the strech marks coming along for everyone?


clare - March 13

jamie lee... how far gone are you? i had really bad sickness im now 15 weeks and it has totally stopped. xx


Karen_Fletcher - March 13

i dont know if they sell this in the US but i use Bio oil, its amazing, helps fade scars, stretch marks and rehydrates skin. their website is www.bio-oil.info. hope this helps :o)


Jamie-Lee - March 13

I went to the doctor today and she said I'm 8 weeks and 2 days.


clare - March 14

my sickness stopped at 12 weeks i still feel a little sick until about lunch time but i havent actually been sick for weeks my back and b___b pains have gone too.


frankschick2001 - March 15

Once they are there, they're there. You cannot remove stretch marks. You can keep well-moisturized so that the skin has an easier time stretching and the marks may not turn out as bad or as large. I think plastic surgery can fix them down the line though.


MasonsMommy - March 23

Vitamen E oil..thats what my doctor said to use


MaybeBaby06 - March 23

coco b___ter and a good bra :)



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