15 And Pregnant What About School

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kel11/?/05 - April 20

im 15 years old and am about 2 months pregnant i think(not real sure yet) i in the 9th grade, but i should be in the 10th going in to the 11th but i got held back. im not good in school at all and never wanted to go. but now im pregnant my out look on everything has changed. i have to grow up now that im a mother to be. i cant go to a normal high school cause the kids and teachers the way they would look at me and also i get morning sickness so back i would be spendin all my time in the bathroom at school, so i need some help i would really really like to at least get my high school diepolma!!!!!!! what are my opptions? i dont wanna do homeschooling. are there some classes i can take some where. who do i talk to? can any one help me


Grandpa Viv - April 20

The first thing you need to do is talk to your school guidance counselor. You can certainly finish out this school year in regular cla__s, nausea or not. Next fall your school district probably has options for you. Mail me at [email protected] if you want some help thinking about your options. They do depend very much on your school district.


melissa - April 20

most community college have an adult high school program in which you can attend and get your hs diploma, however is you're in a hurry they also have the GED program where you pay and take a test if you pa__s they give you a GED. hope this helps


katie - April 20

in the uk there is a teck other wise noin as a tecnitical college and u can go there and get qualifications at any time or age but try and stick this year out okies u sud b able to do tht i think i stayed until i was about 6months gone ...anyways u really need to tell u mom and dad cause u need support from them and i no its scary ive been there and had to tell them im pregnant and im only 14 myself and the best way is to do it straight gd luck xxx katie


meredith - April 20

talk to your school's guidance counselor, they sometimes have special schools in the area for mothers. keep at it and dont give up, youll need that education!


Monica - April 20

you should talk to your guidance counselor. but you can still go to normal high school well at least in the state i live in you can. and you shouldn't be worry about what people are gonna think of you. because i'm also 15 and i'm pregnant i'm 5 months and i'm still going to public high school. alot of people at school will look at you because your pregnant but that dosent mean their gonna talk about you or anything. because when i go to school every single day a lot of people look at me but i dont worry about that ya know. stay in school because your really really gonna need it like meredith said. and without an education you wont be able to get a good job. and i'm doing pretty good in school as of ryte now. i got pregnant in early december so i was pregnant bascially that whole month so my baby is going to be born in the summer time which i will be out of school going into my junior year. my friend stayed in public school until her 9th month of her pregnancy she actually stayed in school until the week her baby was due and she went into labor at school and nobody said nothing about her. well good luck n much luv xx Monica



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