15 And Really Need Help

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amy - August 13

i just turned 15 on august 1st. on the 20th i will be 5 months. and i just really need help. i would love to talk to the dad. but we broke up 2 weeks before i found out. and he doesnt want anything to do with it. ive looked into it and am not considering adoption and "never" even considering abortion. im at the really emotional stage right now i guess. and would love to hear how i could make this any better for me and my baby! =D


elizabeth - August 13

i am 17 and 3 months pregnant. I agree about the adoption thing and abortion..i think that is cruel. If the father knows that your pregnant, and says he wants nothin to do with you, and he is missing out and being a looser about it because that baby is him and you. He will find out what he is missing. You dont need him if he is going to do that to you. I mean sure you need support and i understand that but that baby is the most important part in your life now. Youll find out after you have the baby that you are better without him, even though raising the baby will be hard and wished you had more help, you will find out it will make you stronger as a person and you will know that you dont need him. there are better guys. of course you want your baby to know who the father is, but hes the one missing out. good luck to you.


6 weeks - August 14

yes, good luck to you. Not every path (adoption, abortion, or keeping your child) is right for everyone, because of their different situations, but if you know that adoption and abortion are not for you then you need to start planning out your future for yourself and your baby, and it will be hard but it will be worth it in the end. again, good luck.


s_xy mami - August 14

Well, i dont really know what to tell you but just to keep your head up. Druing pregnancy, its almost like you are on an emotional rollercoster. But you just need to keep your mind focused on your baby( thas # 1), making sure you are taking care of yourself and your baby and also school. There are alot of dead beat daddys out there, but when they grow up, they will realize what they have missed out on. How old is the babys dad?.... I give you most respect for wanting to go on with your life with your baby. Yea, you might have to stuggle, but holding your baby in your amrs, is worth everything. Keep your head up gurl... If anything, maybe try giving the dad a call, alot of dads freak out and just bounce without even actualy concidering that they are going to be a dad.


Carissa - August 14

I can feel your pain. I am 15 and about 5 months. when are you due? I am due January 5th. I think you should talk to the father if you havent already. Good luck hun. I would love to talk more. If you would too im me at xxlolcarissaxx or email me at [email protected]



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