15 And Scared

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renee - February 23

I'm only 15, and 5 weeks (possibly) pregnant. I'm 18 days late for my period, and yes i know i need to take a pregnancy test, but there is no way for me to purchase one without my mom knowing.I would consider abortion, but i'm afraid i would regret it later. I can't tell my parents about this, I would be disowned, I can't drive myself to a clinic. I don't know what to do. My b.f. would support me in any choice i decide to make, I know that for a fact. But I'm scared and i don't know what to do. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would appreciate it.


Grandpa Viv - February 23

Your guidance counselor at school has pregnancy tests and is experienced in handling this situation. Alternatively, start thinking relatives, friends at school with sympathetic moms or older sisters. You are just doing a denial thing when you say you can't get your hands on a test. If you don't have any early signs of pregnancy, you more likely have skipped a cycle. [email protected] if you want to talk. Good luck!


me - February 23

look im kinda in the same boat! im 17 and prolly if im preg. still havent found out yet..if im preg im like around wat i think is 7 weeks! im 14 days late for my period so i have a strong feeling i cud be what everyone si telling me is not worry to much take it easy take prenatal vitamins if u can't afford someone told me to take flistones one (kids) i guess they have folic acid! (deff. didnt know that) but anyways jsut like u i didnt have any money i havent told my parents and like u my boyfreind is very surportive if i was...do u have a freind or older adult or somene dat can help u? like with money till u find out and kinda get stabeled? what about your boyfeind ? can u help in anyway? i know its prolly bad to have a job wen ur preg. but i have one and i have had one for the pas like 4 to 5 months and i think i am and thats jsut like a job and for right now if das wats is gonna help me and my baby survive(if i am)then i have to live with it u know jsut be very mature and try to get the vit. and the hpt?or even the clinic im sure u might have somone who can help u!


Audrey - February 23

Does your mother follow your every move? Go to a pharmacy and buy a test, and do the test in a public washroom. You'll have some hard choices to make but I'm sure your parents won't "disown" you. They'll yell and be disappointed but try to explain to them that you understand their anger but you need their support for this. You can also talk to your school nurse or counsellor about what to do. Best of luck.


renee - February 23

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know i could go to my school counselor. That helps alot! btw, yes my mom does follow my every move, thats why I'm seeing this as such a difficult problem. But thank you!


littleme - February 23

why dont u tell ur mother you are going to a freinds house and do it there? and if she followed ur every move how do u think u got preg? cause u excaped her and did it and not u trying to find out so do the same thing u did wen u had s_x just make it less obvious im sure there is a way to get out!? unless theres something else?


rachael - February 23

Well you can't start considering abortions until you know for definite if you are pregnant. Take a trip to your local doc's and get a free test, or pop into town and buy one (a decent one costs between £7 and £10). If you REALLY can't get a test yourself, maybe a friend or older sibling could help you out. When you find out for sure if you are/are not pregnant, you can start the decision making. You don't need to tell your parents, or be able to drive, anything you tell a doctor is confidential and as long as you tell trusted friends there's no way your mom or dad will find out. As for the transport problem, your local doctor's surgery or family planning clinic should be a short walk, if not a simple bus journey away. Go to www.fpa.org.uk or call the Family Planning a__sociation on: 0845-310 1334 for free advice or go to www.ruthinking.co.uk or call S_xwise on 0800-28 29 30. Brook are also available on 0800-018 5023. Information on going to a Brook clinic can be received by phoning; 020-7285 5512. And IF you find you are pregnant and are still CONSIDERING abortion a Brook Abortion Information Line you can call is: 020-7285 5513. The websites above should provide information and maps of where to find your local clinics are if you are unsure. I got these numbers from a magazine and they are all genuine. Give them a call. Call from a public payphone if you can't call from home. And despite what you've said, I'm SURE your parents wouldn't "disown" you. It may seem strange, but they were our age once and will understand more than you think. Confiding in them may mean they are a little angry at first, but in the end they'll respect you for being honest and mature and at the end of they day, they will always love you. Play safe in future, and good luck!


angel - February 23

tell your parents it doesnt matter how hard things get your mom will always be there for you i was 15 when i got pregnant and i was scared as but if you tell your parents im telling you it would be the best decision


briana - February 23

hi i dont have a suggestion because im 15 also and im pregant to im pregant with twin and its very hard because i told my mom and dad and they didnt like it but they said dont ever do it again and we will help u . my boyfriend is even going to help me he said he will be there every step of my way. well hope everything is ok briana if u need to talk u csan email me at [email protected]



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