15 And Wanna Have A Baby

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Jillian - September 1

IM 15 and i wanna have a baby , But i dont know what to do and my boyfriend is telling me to wait If i wanna have a baby how can i tell when am i ovulating


What the??? - July 30

How could you be so selfish? What? You think a teen mom is something that all girls want to be??? Wake up woman! I can't believe the nieveness of some people??? Having a child is ALL about sacrifice, about putting you r child first and everything you want on hold, that means, no new clothes, no social life, no career.. and where would you live? At your folks place??? C'mon THINK before you open your mouth!


Word - July 30

Think before you open your legs is more like it.


OMG - July 30

15 and you want a baby?!?! wtf! Listen to your b/f he seems to be smart. WAIT TO HAVE A KID. don't you read these boards? your "so called friends" arent going to be there anymore, and you wont be able to go out. and IF you live with your parents ( who didnt seem to raise you right ) They are the ones that are going to have to take care of that baby. BECAUSE YOU ARE 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BE dumb about this. dont have a kid until you have a career, a guy that is going to stay with you...at 15 you cant count on him to stay....I'm not trying to be mean, I am jsut telling you how it is prolly going to be if you have a baby. Please wait.


Shelly - July 30

to me your to young and so am i im 16 and i have a unplanned pregnecy, and this is changeing everything i do school is harder and so is life friends you have now want be there as much, i just happend to be one out of 100 girls that have a great guy that is not leaving but 15 is to young so is 16, you might wana stop and rethink about having a baby your bf is right you need to wait.


leslie - August 2

ok well im not going to smack on u like these other rude people b/c thats not going to change your mind about a baby. but i got pregnant when i had only been 15 for 2 weeks and i didn't find out till i was about 3 months. my daughter is 3 know and i am a hope story b/c i have graduated and am making a life for me and her. but it is hard and very fustraighting. there are times that i wish i would have got to experience more of my teenage years more time with my friends. my daughter is very everything to me and i love her more than life it self. but i'll nener be able to share with her how i did things with my friend s or went to the movies b/c i was taking care of her. i won't albe to say i went to a party when was 17 and this happen to me so u be careful , i was taking care of her. so think about hte baby that your gogng to bring in this crazy world and not what u want. plz wait its in the best interest for the child


a mother - August 2

iam 32 and i live with my husband, and we have a 5 year old daughter , a 2 year old son and 2 twin girls who are a few weeks old, now that is a great life for a woman my age but having a baby at 15 is mad you have your whole lofe ahead of you, have kids when you are older!!!!!!!!


Tracy - August 6

i had s_x wt my fiancee and dont wanna get pregnant what do i do??? pls help....what do i eat and what do i drink???


Dawn - August 6

what is wrong with u? ur freakin 15 yrs old. Do u think if u have s_x and then get pregnant and then have a baby ur going to get respect. Well ur wrong. Evry1 will be disappointed in u including urself. U have ur whole freakin life ahead of u and u want 2 end ur life for some baby y cuz u think their cute? ur friends and family will probably look at u different that is if u would have any friends after this. Evry 1 will stare at u, u might have to quit school and for what? to change dirty diapers and wake up in the middle of the night to feed ur baby? UR WAY TO YOUNG SO GET A REALITY CHECK UR ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT


Dai - August 7

look girl your 15 years old you need to slow it down im 17 with no kid but my best freien has 2 a boy thats 1 and a baby girl thats a mounts and 7 days old and she is goin through hell tring to take care of them a baby may seem sweet but your boy friends right wait babygirl


Christobal - August 7

your boyfriend is saying that because he doesnt want to go to jail. and because he is RIGHT. you are selfish for thinking this. you are now deemed "honorless". quick! someone tie up her tubes before she releases anymore egg cells!! they can be untied when you are 18.


Tanya - August 7

Girls, come on be nice, We all get the motherly instincts> Jullian sweetheart, I always knew i wanted to be a mommy! I had my son at 19, I was 9 weeks along when I found out, just 3 days after HS graduation, my mom wasnt mad, she was actually excited, but she was gravely ill also, she wanted to be grandma before she died, i had my daughter just 15 months after my son, so by the time I was 20 I was married with two kids, today I am 27, divorved, and and without my mom!, I struggle so much everyday, $$$$ is not on my side, I have no fanily to help me out, my ex does his part, most of hte time, by honey being young and having kids is really hard, I never partied when i was younger, but now when friends want to hang out, I CAN'T!!! No one to watch my kids. JUST WAIT!! Finish school first, get married, be financially stable first, WIC is only there for so long, and do not force people to pay for your children through welfare, sweetheart, you can't even get a job until you turn16, so think about it. I am here if you need to talk, take care and GOD BLESS!!


Dawn - August 7

no tanya, were not going to be nice because jillian is stupid and not using her head what an idiot


Tanya - August 8

RIGHT< EXACTLY she's 15, and at that age you don't think about what the outcomes is really going to be, so think back to when you were 15, how much about the real world did you really understand?? You can say she is stupid, she is only a child herself, you are probably an adult, who knows the consequences, she came here for help, so give her advice, not a hard time, she knows she 's young and needs womanly advice, no belittling, give her a break, SHE'S NOT PREGNANT!! and as it seems, her boyfriend isn't willing to let it happen. For Jillain, honey, trust me, wait until you are married, make sure your baby's daddy is there for both of you emotionally and financially.


Brandy - August 8

I was 15 when I got pregnant. I know it seems fun to have a baby but it is a lot of work for a teenager. I was lucky enough that my husband wanted to stay around. Just wait awhile. Live your life. If I could I would have wanted till I was older.


18 and Pregnant - August 9

Don't have a child right now Your not ready. I am 6 weeks pregnant and it's not all I thought it was going to be. I have to tell my mom tomorrow I'm 18 and Am still freaking out about telling my parents. Make sure you do it when your ready wanna talk....Write to me @ [email protected]


Helen - August 9

Don't be so silly. You are still a child yourself. If you have a baby, that's it, your life will NOT BE YOURS for the next 18 years. Having a child is a 24/7 job - changing nappies EVERY 2 hours, feeding EVERY 4 hours, getting ONLY 3 hours sleep a day. Have you any idea how much a baby costs to bring up? 200 thousand pounds. So where are you going to get that money from? EVERY teenage mother, when they grow up wish they had waited till they were older. I'm glad your boyfriend isn't willing to take part in this.



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