15 And Want A Baby

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none - May 15

ok dont say im gowing to ruin my life bc i dont have one i go to school i come home thats all and i dont want a baby just bc i think it would be fun and all nice a fluffy i know it wont be i know it will be hard as h*ll....but my parents are 57 and 65 and i want them to be able to see there grand children....i have money 4 the baby my mom gets paid alot and my dad ...i could go to a teen pregnancy school we have alot in are state and i have alot of frinds to help me and one that is about one months pregnant i have ben pregnant b/f and seenc then i cant get it out of my hed can any one frind any thing els i should think about


maggie - May 15

hi i thnk u should have a baby i mean i am 12 and i have twin girls ellie and jackie and i love then to death i know its very hard and u might get kicked out like i did and now i live with my bf cody he is the best dad and i live with his parents cuz they understand how it is to have a baby at a young age thye had cody when they wer 14 so ya but i still want more babys its so much fun u might get made fun of at school but its worth it me and my bf both r in 7th grade and we got through it toghether with the help of r friends its very fun to listen to other people


jenny - May 15

hey. I am 15 also and a few months ago i wanted a baby too. Everything seemed to be working out and I really thought I could handle it. My boyfriend and I tried for about 3 months and it never happend... Well, alot of stuff changed. I also thought hey we have the money to support it, I can be a loving good mother, my boyfriend will stick by my side, ect. I figured everything would be perfect. But gladly I didnt get pregnant. Alot of stuff started going on... my parents fighting alot, boyfriend issues ( he got arrested under innocence ), and school related problems. Basically what Im trying to say is that ALOT of things can go wrong and it would just be hard. I remember when i was wanting a baby i would say "I want a baby and no one can change my mind" and I still want a baby, just not yet. Not until I know I can support my baby on my own. I understand how you want your parents to see their grandchild, but also at their ages it would be alot of stress on them. Im sure they want you to have a fun childhood.and would like to see you happy. But, with a baby you may be happy but they would have to see the hardship it would take for you to raise that baby.... I hope i helped some, good luck.



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