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Rinahkeni - May 28

Well I am 15 turning 16 in 3 months and the last time I had s_x was on April 18th... & after That I had symptoms... Then around the time I was suppose to have my period, I had at least a week of what looked and smelled like yeast (sorry tmi!) then I had my period a day late.. But after that the symptoms changed.. Now every time I smell harsh smells (nail polish, smoke, etc.) I feel like I can't breath and my nose gets runny and I sneeze. And I am hungry 24/7 and eat like 4 times the food servings... And my lower abdomen is out pretty far, and I have horizontal stretch marks there too.. And I feel like I'm tired all the time and my lower back hurts all the time and my whole body feels fragile.. Although I had 3 pregnancy test that all said negative.. Although it's been 3 weeks since my last preg test... So idk? I mean and I don't throw up but I do get nauseous if I don't eat and in the morning and a lot. And I get lightheaded and dizzy a lot.. What sup with me?


Rinahkeni - May 28

Oh.. And I'm a twin lol my lower abdominal is out pretty far, cud I b having twins?


Grandpa Viv - May 31

I'm thinking you had s_x more than once, and with no protection? Take another preg test using first morning pee, dip method. If it is still negative you should get a gyno appointment to check things out. Tell your mum you of an age when an annual check up is recommended. Please come back to this thread and tell us how it turns out. GL!


Rinahkeni - June 1

Yeah i did have s_x more than once but i mean my body is telling me i am but no one believse me because i have had no positive test.. so my mom is making an apoitment on friday... what should i ask the dr? but those symptoms?? i mean they dont suond regula at all.. altho everyone is differnt.. whats first morning pee dip method?


Grandpa Viv - June 2

It's best to do a pregnancy test on strong pee - the first in the morning when you have not drunk for a while is best. Pee in a cup and dip the test in the pee - read the instructions. If you are preg the hormone should by now be strong enough that a test any time of day should read true. Do one more test before the doc visit. For the visit write down: the dates of your first menstruation and last several menstruations; when you started having s_x; how often and with what protection; the signs you are having and the dates they started. It is possible that your signs are caused by something other than pregnancy - a cyst? - but if you have been having frequent unprotected s_x, the chances are good that pregnancy is the problem. Good luck!


Rinahkeni - June 2

well alright then! thankyou for all your help, it does help alot! (: but are those symptoms normal? id oun\bt, but i mean they dont seem like a bad sign and weird. they freak me out!!!!


Grandpa Viv - June 2

Your signs are normal for pregnancy or some other hormone imbalance. Fatigue and lower backache are common. A yeast infection can flare up because the chemistry in your v____a is changing. Unusual smells of smoking, cosmetics, and frying meat are typical. Appet_te increases, and favorite foods change. Nausea is worst weeks seven to twelve. Dizzy moments occur from blood going to the fetus instead of the brain. Usually there is a change in gut function resulting in bloating, diarrhea, constipation and/or heartburn. If your signs started April 18th, the chances are that was from s_x April 11th, and your next period was due April 25th. Any pregnancy test before that date would likely have given a false negative. You do not mention heavier b___bs or sensitive nipples, more veins showing, more frequent peeing, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, emotions gone haywire etc. Relax and enjoy! Don't forget the prenatal vitamins, important for minimizing the chance of certain birth defects. GL!


xx_holli_xx - June 28

hello im holli im 15 and 14 weeks and 2 days preg... your symptoms sound just like mine i got 4 neg tests and then when i did it with fresh morning urine it show a strong pos


Forever 1972 - June 29

We are a funny, smart, loving couple in California, and we are not able to have children. Our life is at a standstill because we long to be parents. Please let us know if you or someone you know is facing an unwanted pregnancy. We are open to any level of ongoing contact with the child's parents. We have so much to give, and just need someone who needs us too. tracyandbrian.com



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