15 Pregnant And Alone

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becca - January 25

hi im 15 33 weeks pregnant i have a serious boyfriend been with him for just over 2 years now me n him r real happy together he is all xcited bout becoming a daddy im xcited bout becoming a mummy but also scared just after i found out i got pregnant at 14 weeks i got xpelled from my skule for it n i live so far away from my mates before i got pregnant i was u no really popular had such an active life still am popular but none of my mates understand what im goin through n i dnt no ne one else in my situation i just really wish i could talk 2 sum 1 hu no's how i feel ( i had s_x because i wanted to n i loved him n no i am not a slag just for the record)


becca - January 26

does ne body else no how i feel???


nemo - January 26

Well i don't but i can imagine. But the most important thing is that your boyfriend is happy and excited about the baby.


Joann - January 26

i think your really lucky to have your boyfriend by yourside and that you r both happy,i am 16 and have just got pregnant and me and my 1year and a half boyfriend are extremly happy too,i think you should take day by day and concentrate on yourself and your boyfriend and healthy a pregnancy for now!good luck!


No-name - January 26

hey becca its joann(no-name am i pregnant)just took another test it took a few mins and showed possitive me and my boyfriend r vry excited!


becca - January 26

thnx all hu botherd 2 reply it would b nice if people gave m there opinioun n told me how they feel


becca - January 26

thank you ashly goo to no i aint alone n i cnt wait to hold ma baby


tiffany - January 26

hey, i'd like to talk to u... IM me if u can at LilpLaYa6989 or email at that sn plus @aol.com


becca - January 28

thnx all hu answerd ne 1 wants 2 talk 2 me email me at [email protected] and u can im on that 2


Paige - February 7

Hi and if u want to talk u can e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk. I would love to help if i can.


becca - February 8

hey times past now and i have 3 weeks and 4 days to go its getting annoyin coz i keep havin on and off days like one day i will be soo xcited and they next like i dont want to be a mum is this normal not so scared about the labour and birth any mre get back to me thanx



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