15 Pregnant And Need Sumone 2 Talk With

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Carameldelite_4da937 - April 11

I need someone to talk too!! i am 15 and i think i am pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion, i have aol and my screen name is Yung1625, or email me at [email protected]


Mia D - April 11

I was 15 when I got pregnant and everyone wanted me to have an abortion too, including my boyfriend and parents. But things worked out and my baby boy is now 5 months old :o) If you want to talk my email/msn is [email protected] or [email protected] xx


Brandi - April 11

I am now 23 but I had my daughter at 16. It's hard but you can do it. But whatever choice you make is up to you, don't let anyone decide for you or make you feel bad about it. My email is [email protected] if you ever need to talk. Good Luck!


meagan1227 - April 11

I'm 16 now but was 15 when i got pregnant. I had my baby back in December..he's almost 4 months coming up on the 27th. my aim screenname is meagan4510 and my email is [email protected]


jizz - April 12

same ere dol im gan 4 a pregnancy test 2day but i am stuck n duno what 2 do if i am.he already has a baby on the way with his xx bird n he sais he cant have another one.i need some 1 who can help cya xxx


drmhaw06 - April 12

hey . i just turned 16 on april 7th. and im pregnant. i got pregnant in august, and my baby is due in may. i absolutely know what u mean by needing sumone to talk to- koz i wanted to talk to sumone that was in the same situation or knew what i was going through. im here if u wanna chat! my email is [email protected] and my aol screename is lilcutie12008 -bye!


selena - April 16

i know you are only 15, but abortion is murder to your baby that you made. why should the baby have to die ? if you feel that you can not keep the baby there is always adoption! my husbands brother got his girlfiredn pregnant at 16. they had the baby and she is beautiful and 4 months old. please remember this is a life you are talking about! take responsability for your actions. selena


Brinjz0885 - April 16

I am 17 and exspecting ...Im scared but i l know i will get threw this and u will to. there is alot of help out there including your family . If you would like to im me sometime my email is [email protected] ..good luck


pinkflamingoz90 - April 16

hey im 16 and pregnant and happy to talk to anyone who needs it


whiskeydog38 - April 17

Hey I'm 15 and 19 weeks pregnant. I had all my friends telling me to get an abortion too. The baby's father doesn't really care what I do with the baby. You can email me if you want. I also want someone to talk to. My email adress is [email protected]



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