15 Pregnant Sad B F Not Going To See His Baby

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Asja - February 10

I'm 15 and i'm 6 months pregnant with my boyfriends child...and i just found out yesterday that my b/f and his mom got into a huge arrugment...my b/f is16...and he told me his mom is giving him up..they have to go to court so it will be final.He told me that hes not going to be living in this state and he dosent know where hes going to be living so we had to break up...and before this all happened he told me that when tha baby comes he was going to be around to help me out and he is happy about the baby...and now i feel like all that is gone because his mom is giving him up...and now my b/f wont be able to see his baby..and i'm gonna have no way to get in contact with him...i'm sad about this i have been crying :( :( :( :( I WANT MY B/F BACK...and i dont know what to do.and i want my baby to know who his father is.and my b/f is so happy about coming a daddy...but i feel like all that shit is gone now. :(


me - February 10

I'm so sorry I hope things will change. He is sixteen he could get emmancipated by the state. that means he could be on his own before he turns 18. tell him to tell the judge he wants to be emmancipated. then maybe he could get his own place. I'm not sure how all of that works. good luck.


asja - February 10

thanx for the advice...yea i'm going to talk to him about it when i call him tonight.


Babyjewels 2001 c__p - February 11

I think i might be haveing a baby but i am only 14 and i really dont remeber haveing s_x what does that mean and i havent gotten but period yet and i havent told my mother yet and i dont know what to do like does stress have anything to do with your period?? please help me


alicia - April 14

I just had a baby 4 mo's ago and i think i might be pregnant one more time


kathi - April 15

well i reallyunderstand your situation. You know i think your boyfriend is so unfair he already changed his mind just because his mom will give him up. So what!!! if he really loves he will stay with you. He knows what situation you're in. And i think it couldn't be harder if he left. Talk to him before he leaves also if you can, have a conversation with his mother. Explain the situaation you are in. I hope everything works out fine. Goodluck


Audrey - April 15

Asja- A parent cannot legally "kick him out" until he's 18. However he can pet_tion the state to be emancipated if he can prove that his parents are not providing him with the nececessities of life. That will allow him to move out on his own. Talk to his mother and explain the situation if you can. If she won't listen, find support from your own family and tell your bf that you need him in you child's life. Best of luck!


Susan - May 16

me and my boyfriend are Pregnant im 18 and he is 19.but it"s ok my mom is going to help us



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